Doing These 6 Things Lead You to Cancer (and you don’t even know about it)

Genetis and Family Cancer Risk 1500x1000

SMOKING CAUSES CANCER, you must have seen this written in every pack of cigarettes that you buy. Still, we smoke. No problem, you can gradually quit it. But do you know there are a number of other things that can lead you to cancer and probably you don’t even know it?

Cancer is caused by carcinogens. These are any substance that promotes carcinogenesis i.e. formation of cancer in the body.

 Carcinogens are always present in our bodies.  But cancer is developed when these carcinogens get activated. Here I will mention some of the processes that can activate these carcinogens leading to cancer.

Unknown Sources of Cancer


Cancer can be developed in a number of factors and these are categorized into 6 segments.

1. Biological factors

These account for some of the internal body factors and are mostly inherited. Cancer due to biological factors can be developed depending upon age, gender, skin type or an inherited genetic defect.

2. Lifestyle-related factor

Yes, as we all know tobacco causes cancer, and so does alcohol. These activate carcinogens very easily.

Exposure to UV radiation from sunlight also leads to carcinogenesis.

3. Environmental factors

Continuous exposure to certain materials and environment stimulate cancer-generating cells. Prolong exposure to few materials such asbestos fibers, tar, polynuclear hydrocarbons and some plastic compounds such as Vinyl chloride should be avoided.

4. Radiations

Frequent exposure to ionized radiation such as X-Ray and soil radon activates carcinogens.

Non-ionized radiation from ultraviolet rays of sunlight. Apply sunscreen if you have to go for a long exposure for sunlight.

5. Drugs

Frequent consumption of drugs such as certain antineoplastic agents, medicines causing immune deficiency such as (Corticosteroids and TNF inhibitors) and hormones can too lead to cancer.

6. Unsafe sex

HPV which stands for human papillomavirus is the most common virus transmitted sexually. These can cause cancer and genital warts. But good news, there’s a vaccine available for such HPV. Also, it is always advised to have protective measures during sex to avoid transmission of such HPVs.

Since now we are aware of 6 major reasons that can cause cancer, we can pretty much try to avoid them. Following the below-mentioned measures can surely help in preventing cancer in our body.

Prevent cancer formation in the body

1. Quit Smoking

The nicotine craving will always lure you to have that one more drag. But your will power can surely help you quit smoking gradually. You must consider reading this too- quit smoking tips.

2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a long time

Many a time we are required to be under the sun, especially when we are on some outdoor queue and sun is over our head. Carry your hat and sunscreen if you feel you have to stand on such a queue.

3. Safe sex

Always use protection and have safe sex. It not only can help you prevent cancer but many other sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Regular health checkups

 Early diagnosis can help detect and destroy the carcinogens and prevent developing cancer in your body. 

Through advancements in technology, cancer is now curable. The treatment is long term and expensive. So why to wait to cure your cancer when it has already been developed in your body. Since you know how these things that can lead you to cancer, you can pretty much work on them to avoid permanent carcinogenesis in your body.

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