Only headache can be an indication of brain tumor: Study




A latest study says that headache can be the only symptom for brain tumor and it can be diagnosed with CT scan and other neuro-imaging technique.

But in most of the time, people ignore this problem. Many of the patients just take a pain killer to get relief from headache. But, researchers warn that ignoring this problem can put you in complication. Because this recent research found that only headache can be an indication of the deadliest brain tumor. So delaying the treatment or ignoring it, is not a good idea.

The scientists added one more important point here that is, some patients of brain tumor do not show the other neurological symptoms except isolated headache. In such cases, it is recommended to advice the imaging and CT scan to rule out the early diagnosis.

This is a sensitive issue because the patients of headache often visit physicians. In most of the cases, normal headache and migraine can easily be diagnosed without doing any CT scan or other neuroimaging procedures.

Dr Ammar H. Hawasli and colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, states “We support careful and sensible use of neuroimaging in which physicians exercise excellent clinical judgement to reduce waste in the medical system”.


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