Forgetting things too often? Ten points to check if it is Alzheimer’s


Are you not able to recall a recent incident? Can you not trace where you put your car keys? The former President of America, Ronald Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s and so are many people today. But since memory starts getting weaker as you grow old the symptoms can be confused with those of Alzheimer’s disease. So here are ten points to make sure if it is age related change or the Alzheimer’s disease.

Changes that disrupts daily normal life

Alzheimer’s disease

If you or any family member is not able to recall recent incident too often then it can be a warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease. The patient is unable to remember important dates, asks for the same thing repeatedly and starts relying on memory aids.

Age related

Older people do forget things but they recall it after sometime. Another thing is that they can recall the whole thing once you give them a little hint.


Inability in planning

People who suffer from this disease may face problem in budgeting and planning something. A litmus test can be by determining the time the person used to do the same work and comparing it with that he takes today. Because in this disease the ability of problem solving gets worse and the patient takes more time in doing the same thing which he used to do in few minutes. The patient also finds himself unable to deal with figures and calculations.

Age related

People with increasing age lose the same vigor and ability to do a task but the efficiency is not remarkably low. For instance an old man can make a calculation mistake but can rectify it himself also. The basics are always clear to him and he can reproduce the same results later.


Difficulty at home and workplace

The patient cannot work properly in the office and sometimes he has to be reminded what is his work in the office. He generally forgets the way back to home while driving. The patient does not remember the rules of his once favorite game.

Age related

An old man can find it difficult to handle modern gadgets like operating the latest phone or new software. He may find it difficult to understand new concepts.


Time and place problem

The patient may forget the date, time, month and even year. In severe cases he is not able to tell you what season it is now. The patient may also find it hard to tell you where he is now and how did he reach there.

Age related

People generally forget the day and date but will recall in sometime.


Diminished judgment

A person suffering from Alzheimer’s is not able to make right judgment of distance and time. For instance a person who could tell almost how far the wall is would not be able to judge it if he is suffering from the disease. The patient may also feel difficulty in driving.

Age Related

People suffer from vision related problems like those from cataract.


Problems in conversations

Patient suffering from this disease cannot find the right word for explaining something and often keep quiet for the fear of saying something wrong. They cannot recall the name of their best friend at times.

Age related

People find it difficult to learn new names and recall the names of old people but they can recall them in sometime.


Misplacing things

A person suffering from this disease misplaces things like car keys, pen, mobile and just about anything. A patient can forget to take his wife back to home after attending a function and returns alone. They may accuse someone of stealing their stuff due to frequent forgetting.

Age related

People find it hard to recall where they left the car keys but they recall it after sometime and retrace their way to the spot.


Decreased focus

Patient does not pay attention towards work as well as self grooming. They may find it hard to deal with money and sometime end up paying extra for a service availed.

Age related

People may do simple mistakes in calculation but realize it later when they manage their accounts. They may lose interest in grooming but take proper care of personal hygiene.


Diminished social interaction

Patients due to their condition may find it hard to get along with people. They start avoiding social gatherings and confine themselves to their homes for the fear of getting embarrassed for their forgetfulness.

Age related:

People drift a little away from social life but they do take care of important functions. They meet guests and friends.


Changes in basic nature

Due to the above mentioned symptoms the patient finds himself vulnerable whenever he is out of his comfort zone. He will become irritable, unpredictable and sometimes unreasonable and unpractical.

Age related

People follow a certain specific daily routine and if things do not go according to it they feel irritated.

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious condition. It is marked by the degeneration of brain cells and due to this the mass of brain reduces. While most old people find it hard to recall things, these symptoms are worse in an Alzheimer’s patient. If your family member or a friend shows the above mentioned symptoms, it is better to take him to the doctor.

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