5 Causes of Severe Headache


head ache dogAlmost every person has experienced headache at one or the other time. The pain may be short lived or can carry on for many days altogether. When you know the cause treating it is easy but, the problems come in, when you have sudden bouts of headache that last for long. And, this is just one pattern of pain. With causes, the pain pattern also keeps on changing. It is imperative for you to know the causes behind the headache you are facing.

Given below are 5 of the causes of headache that you must have not known.

1. Pain in Other Body Parts

When you get headache due to pain in other body parts, it is called as refracted pain. This may be due to arthritis, toothache or a nerve pain. It originates from the body part and travels to the head.


If you are taking different types of medicines, then also you might have headache. These different medications react with each other and cause the pain. Always consult a doctor and ask him to examine the medicines for the possibility of reacting and causing headache.

3. Depression

Depression is one of the major causes of pain. In this state, the nerves of your brain are strained to the extent that they cause severe headache.

4. Dehydration

A cup of hot coffee in the morning is your rescuer from the throbbing and long lasting headache. And, in this hectic lifestyle, consuming caffeine in limited amount has become necessary. But caffeine drains out water from your body and causes the headache. Drink water in sufficient quantities.

5. Flu

Headache serves as an indication that flu might be on its way to affect you. This disease of respiratory system later causes coughing and whole body pain.

MosesHeadacheThere are many reasons of headache. While some are under your control, others are just beyond your limits.

Have a healthy lifestyle and take normal precautions like having regular sleeping patterns, healthy diet etc. to ward off the throbbing pain.

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