3 Common Allergies


Have you ever felt like you can’t stand the smell of leather? Or the cold weather seems choking for you? If you feel like this then you are suffering from allergy. There are many forms of allergy. Some are known while others are unknown and some are common while others are uncommon.

Here are 3 most common allergies.


Polymorphic Light Eruption or Allergy to Sun

When you get small bump marks or itching sensation four days after sun exposure then you have this polymorphic light eruption allergy. In common words, you are allergic to sun.

Skin swelling is also a common phenomenon in this allergy. This allergy is attributed to ultraviolet radiation from sun’s rays. These rays result in alterations in the protein of your skin. The immune system takes these proteins to be harmful and attacks it.

Cold Induced Urticaria or Allergy to Cold Water or Air

Does your skin swells up whenever you are in contact with cold water or air? It happens because you are allergic to cold water or air.Also called cold induced urticaria, it makes your skin red. The blood vessels narrow down because of chemical mediators that skin produces.

Nickel Induced Contact Dermatitis or Allergic to Money

This allergy does not means you are not interested in earning money. But it means that when you touch specific type of jewelry, coins or watches made from nickel, itching and skin rashes come up.

You may also notice dry skin just like a burn mark when you have nickel induced contact dermatitis or allergy to money. In the worst condition, swollen and leaky blisters erupt on your skin. This allergy might be hereditary.

There are other common allergies . Remedies do exist for these common allergies but take them under expert medical supervision.


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