Why Should You Stop Smoking?

Smoking kills

Stop Smoking!  This is the cry throughout the world.  Non-smokers say to smokers stop smoking. But do they stop their habit of smoking immediately?  No.  The media display so many pictures which are disturbing to the mind.  They show pictures of diseases that can horrify anyone that smokes.  However, the irony of it all is that the smokers feel a bit scared at the sight of these pictures and reach out for a cigarette to calm the nerves down! Why Should You Stop Smoking?

Smoking causes terminal cancer, rise in blood pressure, restlessness, lack of oxygen into the lungs, lung infections that at a later point can’t be cured at all.  It results in the removal of a particular part of the lung.  If you will see pictures of the appearance of the lungs of a smoker, it would appear as a burnt piece of flesh.  It has to do with the extensive nicotine content embedded in it over the years of smoking. Should this be the punishment of that innocent part of the body? Why not do we just quit smoking?

If all smokers are honest to themselves and they ask this question as how did the first cigarette feel; did it taste good; was it comfortable to smoke?  They would surely arrive at a negative reply.  However, no one would like to admit that fact. If they do they will definitely stop smoking.

Another trial would be like trying to explain to a young non-smoker how good it feels to smoke.  It surely will be difficult, because the smoker does know that initially smoking was not very comfortable and it still not comfortable, but just an addiction that can’t be stopped.

It’s always never too late to stop smoking, unless your health has already been damaged.  Yet, stop smoking and live the rest of your life in a healthier and happier way with you family and loved ones. Your children would love to have you with them for a longer time to watch their little family grow, to lend a helping hand here and there with their children and most of all a little bit of advice on good health practices.  Whatever you have been doing all this time, now immediately please stop smoking!


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