Some Causes Of High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is a common problem and there are many causes are risk factors of it. There are several factors responsible for high blood pressure but among them few are very common. Here are some common factors causing high blood pressure.

Smoking along with other health problems causes high blood pressure. This problem occurs when blood flowing in the arteries is blocked. Smoking affects your health and heavy smokers are more prone to this problem. Even passive smoking can cause high blood pressure. When a long time smoker quits smoking he can reverse many health problems including hypertension.

Even sometimes experts are not able to find the actual cause of hypertension so when this situation occurs it is known as essential hypertension.

Socio economic status also influence high blood pressure, as people belonging to lower socioeconomic groups and those who are not educated have high risk of having hypertension.

Heredity is another reason for high blood pressure. If anyone of your family is already having this problem then there is a high risk that you will get this problem.

Obesity is another main problem of hypertension. People who are over weight are at high risk of developing hypertension.

Even people who are highly sensitized to salt or sodium can suffer from high blood pressure problem. And people suffering from hypertension should eat food containing less salt.

Thus there are several common causes of high blood pressure. And if these causes are treated properly it is possible to cure this problem.


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