7 Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Double Chin

7 Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Double Chin
7 Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Double Chin

A lot of us have a double chin, which not only spoils our pictures, but is unhealthy. Double chin is nothing but fat stored under the chin. It is sometimes genetic, but it can happen due to numerous reasons. It need not necessarily be an issue with heavily built people alone, lean ones can also have a double chin. Listed below are ways in which we can get rid of a double chin quickly.

double chin
double chin

1.  Lose weight/fat

Losing overall body fat the very first thing to keep in mind. Losing fat from body will automatically chisel down the face and eventually the double chin as well. Higher the fat content in the body, higher would be the fat on our face. Losing excessive fat, therefore, is the key to getting rid of double chin.

2.  Posture

Posture plays a major role when it comes to double chin. A bad slouchy posture will eventually lead to a double chin. Try sitting straight with your head high and chin up. And when you stand or walk, do so by stretching your shoulders, looking up and feeling tall.

3.  Diet

This is a very important thing to keep in mind when people want to get rid of excess fat or weight. Exercising without a diet to lose weight doesn’t really do the job. Rewarding yourself little indulgences at times is the key to stopping craving for unhealthy stuff. Diet can be made interesting with a variety of healthy condiments like tahini, mustard, and hummus. Healthy food is most of the time tasty too, opposite of the regular point of view that people have.

4.  Green tea

Green tea is a rich source of anti-oxidants. And anti-oxidants are known to prevent aging. Research has shown that people who consumed green tea lost fat much faster than those who didn’t. It is also a much healthier option than other caffeinated drinks. Green tea can be had hot with a dash of lemon or honey or even in the form of iced green tea. Just make your regular green tea with half the amount of water, let it cool down and top it up with cold water and ice cubes if you prefer. You can also pound some mint leaves with lemon juice and mix it in with your iced green tea.

5.  Chew gum

Chewing gum is a great exercise for your jaws. It moves your jaws in multiple directions and tightens your jaw muscles. Thus, aids in shaping up your double chin. Always go for sugar-free gums to avoid the intake of unnecessary sugars.

6.  Exercise

Physical activity is necessary to lose weight. Make time for a little physical activity every day, be it jogging, swimming, badminton, or brisk walking. You will gradually start shedding extra weight and fat due to this and will notice that it has affected your double chin as well.  There are numerous exercises available on the internet today that specifically focus on the double chin.

7.  Surgery

There are always surgical methods for fat reduction. Go check with a cosmetic surgeon and find out about chin liposuction or excess loose muscle removal under a general anesthetic.  This would tighten your neck muscles and remove excess sagging muscles.

Anything that hampers with your confidence should be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. Trying the above methods with consistency will show faster results at getting rid of your double chin.

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