Health Signs to Check for Women Every Morning

Rough Skin

If you have a close look on your body, there will be number of symptoms you can detect beforehand. Also, you will easily figure out sudden changes like skin marks, white patches and others.

A human body shows numerous changes as an indication that a serious disease is developing. And, if you catch the signs early, remedy and treatment is possible before it’s too late. This means you have to check out your body for any unusual signs. And, this you should do every morning.

Here are 4 of those signs to check for women.

Bright White Stripes on Nails

White Stripes on Nails

Everybody has white spots on their nails at some or the other point of time. But if there are long white stripes that are horizontal and show discoloration on the surface of the nail then it indicates you are fatigued. And, it is your kidneys that will suffer.

This is an indication of your kidneys not able to filter protein from urine. And, this might result in kidney failure.

Thin Hair on Scalp

Thin Hairs

Extreme hair loss indicates thyroid disorder. When you see many hair strands on your hair brush, it means your thyroid gland has gone out of order. This will make your hair fragile and rough. Go and consult a doctor. He would figure out if this level is too high or too less. And, provide you medication for the same.

Under-eye Circles that don’t Fade Away

Undereye Circles

If you don’t stay up late or have excessive work to do and still you have dark circles that refuse to go away, indications are that you are developing allergies. In this case, you have to consult a doctor; he would suggest you to get a test done. On the basis of its result, the allergen that is causing dark circles will be known.

Dark and Rough Skin in Armpits

If you are not obsessed with self-tanning then this might be the result of diabetes. Abnormal levels of insulin in blood stream results in multiplication of skin cells rapidly. And, as a result skin looks thicker and darker. Get a test for diabetes done to determine whether you suffer from the disease or not.

There are many signs you need to be aware of. Don’t ignore even a small skin eruption or a red/white mark. At once, consult a physician and confirm the cause of abnormal signs.


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