Savor just grilled and boiled food and then see the miracle!

Boiled potato with grilled green asparagus

I believe that the main thing which is required in loosing weight is the will power and self motivation. Indeed, you need to have the right diet plan to stick to, not just for some period but for a long time. Half of the time the weight loss comes back, one of the main reasons is that initially you are not taking enough calories, but after reducing sufficient amount of weight, again you go back to your old habits of eating tempting unhealthy food options.

I can tell you from my personal experience, I used to be a big gobbler! My favorite pass time was to watch TV and munch some or the other fattening stuff all day long, as I never used to go out with friends that much. I was so conscious of my appearance that the only way of interacting with my friends was to talk over the phone. There were so many personal issues I was dealing in my life; I considered food to be my rescue boat, all the comfort foods used to relive me from the stress for some time. Obviously, it was making me fatter day by day. I did try to loose many times, and once in a while I did manage to reduce but not for long.

Every time I lost some weight I regained it, due to this factor my moral was too low. Fortunately, I came across to a new diet plan in which the food options were not that hard to introduce in my daily life. Once in a week I could have any fattening food, otherwise all through the week my diet regime was strictly to stay away from fattening stuff like pizza, sugary stuff and no oily stuff. But I always used to have enough food to stuff myself, I never starved myself.

I learned how to bake and grill stuff in a more tempting way. As a result I lost a lot, at least 50 pounds in 6 months and not to forget I didn’t gain it back my lost weight this time.


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