Reasons for Teeth Discoloration


Teeth discoloration is a very common dental problem faced by many people. Due to discoloration stains and yellow shades occurs on the surface of the teeth. People are very conscious about stained teeth as it is visible when smiling.

To get rid of this problem you can use home remedies like using teeth whitening products. And in worst cases the help of dental expert is very important. These experts can provide you with proper information and required treatment.

Discoloration occurs on the outer and inner surface of the teeth. When the impact is on outer layer the target is enamel and yellow or brown stains occurs on it. And when the affected area is inner layer the target is dentin. Affected outer layer can be treated by teeth whitening procedures while alternative cosmetic treatment is used to treat affected inner layer. Depending on the severity advanced dental treatment and teeth whiteners are used to solve this problem.

Lot of elements can be a reason behind discoloration of teeth. Factors causing teeth whitening are intake of food and coffee, tea, wine, cola. And other factors include tobacco intake, environment, diseases, genetics, and dental hygiene. The treatment of teeth discoloration depends on the cause of the problem.

Before going for ant treatment it is advised to consult a dentist as he can guide you the necessary measures to take while undergoing the treatment. So now you can get rid of teeth discoloration and can have a healthy smile. And you can also use home remedies to treat teeth discoloration.


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