Fitness Workouts For Men: Beginners Guide


Let me be clear on the beginners in workout because there are some who are perpetual beginners. This blog isn’t for you if you belong to the category of perpetual beginners; in other words, the people who skip the exercises and workouts regularly due to one or the other reason. You are not supposed to say, “Hell! It is raining. How can I go to gym?” But there are some people who are the real beginners and are planning to do workouts for a better health.

I will suggest some fitness workouts for men and also certain tips, which you must keep in mind.

You must start slow

If I am asked about the epitomes of homeostasis, then human body and mind are at the top. When the people who are not habitual of exercises and workouts venture into it, they definitely face a number of problems. This is mainly because they are disturbing the comfort zone of the body.

It is, therefore, very important that the body is given adequate time to get accustomed to the workouts. You might have felt whole your body aching after vigorous running, which you are not habitual of. This creates a great discomfort in the whole body because of the deposition of formic acid in the muscles.

This may happen and the best way to deal with this is by running again and continuously in the coming days. Starting vigorously may cause the body show strong reaction so you must start slowly but be regular.

Establishing the habit of visiting gym

The most important thing is to make commitments to self and keeping them is very important. Don’t overburden yourself even if means lesser visits. Make sure that you visit gym with same frequency each week. It does happen sometimes that you are in no mood to do workout but make sure that you reach gym. Establishing the habit of visiting the gym is much more important. Once you get habitual, you are to get maximum benefits.

Standing upright during workouts

When you start workouts in the gym, make sure that you do everything by standing or lying straight. This will make sure that you don’t hurt yourself, mainly back.

Getting started

Whenever you visit gym, don’t rush into the workout.

  • Warm-up is very important and the best way to do this is brisk walk on running machine. Make the habit of brisk walk or running for at least 15 minutes before workout.
  • Beginners should start with light working for arms (biceps and forearms). This should be shoulder and back exercise first.
  • Mild weight lifting or even push-ups do it for you.
  • The workout for abs starts right after.
  • Fine tuning like triceps etc. should be practiced later.

Benefits of Trainer

The best thing is to have a trainer. According to a recently concluded survey, it is important to have a trainer who can give you the feedback. Feedback promotes better workouts and higher energy from you.

The apparent benefit is that trainers are well equipped with techniques and knowledge so you are assured of effective workout that is painless.


  1. This is very well written – easily to understand for beginners. Keep posting these quality content and of course I will continue to follow your site.

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