Natural, Fast and Easy Home Remedies for Dry Hair


When hair loss can be a big problem, people with dry hairs have their own set of frustration. Applying water, massage with oil, applying gel and nothing works great. So what can be the best hair care solution for dry hairs?

Before we get to the solution, you need to understand why you have dry hair all the time? Is it because they do not absorb or retain moisture for too long? Maybe.

 But the common causes of dry hairs can be excessive exposure to the sun, frequent exposure to chlorinated water, washing hairs very often that also wash of natural oil from the scalp or using chemical concentrated hair products. 

Nutritional deficiency can be another cause of dry hair as well.

While we are sharing a list of very effective home remedies for dry hair, we need to keep in mind that every kind of body has different skin types and all the remedies may or may not work. So let’s go.

1. Hot oil massage

By hot oil, we mean a slightly warm oil that can be easily applied on the hair. Hot oil massage helps to open up the pores in the scalp and helps oil reach the roots of the hair.

You can use any of the good oil for massage. We recommend using any of these, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil will be best, almond, jojoba or corn oil. All these oils are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. They form up a protective layer on the hair and helps preserve the moisture.

2. Beer hair conditioner

Beer contains protein that has some exceptional property of healing the hair cuticles which make the hair smooth and shiny.

After shampoo, sprinkle some drops of beer on hair and let it dry naturally. You do not need to worry about the smell though. It will fade away leaving the hair shiny.

3. Eggs

Eggs contain a sufficient amount of protein that can repair the damaged hair follicle and strengthen hair. It will help retain the moisture and improve dry hair.

An easy way to apply it by making a mixture 2 eggs and a spoon of olive oil and applying it on the scalp directly. Leave it for around 20-25 minutes and wash it with shampoo.

4. Yogurt

When yogurt mixed with oil is applied to the scalp, it can heal dry hair effectively.

5. Banana

Banana is rich in potassium which is good for dry hair. It helps to retain moisture and also can help treat the split ends on hair.

To apply, mash one banana and apply it thoroughly all over the hair and wash it after an hour.

6. Eating habits

A lot of unhealthy and junk food are also cause of dry hair. You do not get sufficient nutrition which can help retain moisture in the hair.

 Include fish like salmon in your diet which contains omega 3 fatty acids which are known to be very efficient in healing hairs.  Along with that, you can have blueberries, tomatoes, walnuts, and beans.

When it comes to eating habits, you should consider reading the dinner options to reduce weight as well.

7. Supplements

If you feel all of the above to messy and have doubt, then you can also consider taking supplements that are helpful for dry and thin hairs.

Take Omega 3 and Vitamin A and C. These supplements can treat the dryness in your hair and also make them strong. We also recommend consulting a doctor before taking these supplements and take a proper prescription for that.

I hope you find these solutions useful and they work for your hair. After all, shiny and strong hair is all that we need. These were some of our tried and tested remedies for dry hair. What is your unique way of curing it? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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