Ah Our Food Cravings !


How can we jus get rid of the most irritating habit to crave for some particular kinds of food, which is usually known as “Comfort Food”? Have you ever discovered that why you are addicted to food, its not jus about any food but comfort foods.

From my personal experience I figured it out that, when exactly I start binging on unhealthy options

To relieve my feelings

Whenever I fight with my loved ones or get tormented at my work place due to work pressure, the very next moment I crave for comfort foods. My favorites are chocolates, pastries and potato chips!

What I believe is the reason I just feel a bit better for a while. But after sometime I feel terribly guilty. Though I have started to gain control on myself by dealing with my emotions and stress level. I have realized the fact that it’s always better to separate the food addiction from your emotional hurt. As you will always face some challenges in your relationship or at your work place, it’s prudent to tackle your life issues.

Busy Lifestyle

Nowadays, every single person is occupied in some or the other job. We always engage ourselves in some or the other activities; as a result of this we never give importance to our diet. Our way of enjoyment includes visiting a pub, or going to a dinner, or going out for a movie. Little did we know that there are some other ways of enjoyment too like playing your favorite sports .If we can introduce some hobby in our lives it can make a big difference in our life. Let’s introduce some of your favorite sports which you would love to indulge in once in a while.

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