6 Various Kinds of Eating Disorders Relatable to everyone

Suffering from anorexia. Cropped image of girl trying to put a pea on the fork

People can have different kinds of mental disorders and eating disorder is one of them. There are various kinds of eating disorders that everyone has gone through once in their lifetime and everybody can relate to it.


An eating disorder can be characterized by abnormal eating habits, vomiting, restriction to food and many other things. These arise due to fondness towards some food and then gradually overeating. Or in some cases obsession towards body shape or weight which affects to eat more or less. You can eat multiple times a day or not at all.

There can be multiple causes of eating disorders including genetics, personality traits, and cultural ideals.

1. Anorexia Nervosa

It is known to be the most common eating disorder. It affects more women than men. In this type of eating disorder, people consider themselves overweight. Even if they are not, they will restrict eating certain types of food, continuously monitor their weight and stop more calorie intake.

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2. Bulimia Nervosa

It is also often seen in more females than males and developed during adolescence. Unlike Anorexia, in Bulimia, people can’t resist themselves from eating. They will eat a number of times within a short span of time. Generally, people can’t resist eating until the time their stomach is full.

3. Binge Eating Disorder

It has been identified as one of the most recent and most common eating disorder in the US. People with this type of eating disorder are quite similar to Bulimia eating disorder, but they do not show purging behavior to compensate the binge eating. They will not puke, or exercise and also cannot resist eating.

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4. Pica

People have Pica eating disorder mostly crave for non-edible substances. Well, this can be mud, soap, paper, ice chalk, corn starch or anything. Though more often seen in children, it can be found in adults and pregnant women as well.
Pica can be harmful as it can cause gut injury, poisoning, and infections. It can be fatal if any toxic substance is ingested.

Eating disorders can be recognized by a persistent pattern of unhealthy eating or dieting behavior that can cause health problems and/or emotional and social distress.

5. Rumination Disorder

This is an uncommon form of eating disorder in which people regurgitate food. They may either re-swallow it or spit it. People suffering from rumination disorder can be seen doing this within 20-40 minutes of their meal. These are mostly voluntary reflexes inside the body.

6. Avoidant or Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

This is also a very common type of eating disorder mostly seen in children. In this, they avoid eating certain types of food depending upon their texture, smell or taste. This develops a lack of interest in eating that particular kind of food. This causes people to eat less and they lose interest in eating.

These are quite common types of eating disorders and I believe either of them must be relatable. I suffered from Avoidant or restrictive food intake disorder for quite some time. This is very common and I won’t deny. Do you also? Which type of eating disorder did you suffer from? If not then you can share this with your friend or family member who is suffering from any of them.

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