Concealing Hair Loss Using A Quick Weave


Unfortunately, there is no cure for hair loss, or at least nothing that works 100% of the time. Fortunately, there are a variety of wigs, weaves, and hair pieces available to help disguise the problem.

Is a quick weave the best option for you? Well, let’s compare and contrast each option to find out:

Quick Weave

The quick weave is fast becoming the choice for many. Why? Because it combines your natural hair along with the supplemental hair, thus making it an ideal solution for those experiencing mild hair loss. However, the drawback is that each piece of the weave has to be individually glued into place, therefore it can be a time consuming process.

Lace Front Wig

The lace front wig is similar to the quick weave, with the exception that it is only a single piece. The lace front wig is glued to the front of the head. Since it’s only one piece, this type of wig can be affixed easily and efficiently. Another added benefit is that it allows you to wear the hair flowing back, if desired.


For males suffering from baldness, the toupee is usually the most appropriate hair piece to use. It’s geared towards men who are suffering from hair loss on the crown and front of their head. It is affixed using hair bonding adhesive and usually removed at bedtime. The main drawback with this option is that it is not always natural looking.

Hair Clips

This is a great solution for women who are experiencing overall thinning hair. A hair clip is usually two or three inches in diameter and can be clipped anywhere you desired more volume. Some women use several of these at a time.

Whether you choose to go with a quick weave, hair clip, or any other option… it’s always important to carefully match the piece to your natural hair color.


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