Effective Dieting Tips for Weight Loss That Works

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Weight loss diets should help you lose weight progressively and healthily.

The most important thing, in any diet, is to be clear about YOUR objective. In this case, our objective is to lose weight, that is clear, but how? Weight loss diets are based on the principle of being hypocaloric (low in calories). So far, all clear.

The key is to know how much is low in calories for you for this to work. Also, I will tell you that this will vary depending on multiple factors, your age, sex, weight, physical activity performed daily. The personalized diet prescribed by an online nutritionist can be very powerful at this point.

Calculate caloric expenditure to lose weight

There are many more formulas we could use, but this is the easiest in my opinion, Harris-Benedict. Let’s say that you need 2,000 Kcal for your day-to-day, to lose weight, it would be convenient to reduce your intake by approximately 500-600 Kcal. That is, you would have to follow a hypocaloric diet of 1,500 Kcal.

A balanced diet, important to lose weight

In other words, whether it is a diet to lose belly fat, a diet for athletes, or a diet of any kind, you will always have to consider some general recommendations for a healthy diet.

In general, it is recommended that the majority of the foods you consume, approximately 55% are complex carbohydrates, 15% are proteins, and 30% fats (10% saturated and the rest are unsaturated fats (fish, nuts, olive oil, etc.).

Most famous Weight loss diets are not balanced diets from a nutritionist

Diets like keto and dukan are unbalanced diets. In them, it is proposed, as a rule, to eliminate or reduce carbohydrates and fats, to a level that damages nutritional health. These diets are attractive because they promise fast weight loss.

« It will make you lose belly in 2 days » and things like that, which usually promise.

On the other hand, these types of diets are harmful to health because they do not maintain a nutritional balance. Nor are their results as effective, since, without adequate nutritional education, in most cases, they even produce higher weight gains. In addition, as a detriment, the rebound effect.

A good diet guided by a nutritionist dietitian would never contemplate these imbalances.

The best Weight loss diets are those of a nutritionist

The diets prepared by a professional nutritionist are the best diets to lose weight and lose sizes that never come back. A nutritionist dietitian who knows your case and personalizes your diet so that you can easily lose weight.

In addition, the goal is for you to learn to eat better and never gain back the weight you lost with so much effort. You can also consider getting a meal prep service to help you manage your caloric intake and goals. If you reside in Canada check out this meal prep service Toronto offered by a qualified nutritionist.

Likewise, you should keep in mind that it is a low-calorie diet. As I have explained to you at the beginning of this article, it must be adapted to your needs and tastes so that the results are solid.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to reduce calories from your diet and add training sessions. They can be at home, on the street or in the gym, wherever you like. In the end, it’s about your diet adapting to your lifestyle, and supporting the energy requirements of your activities. Why not think of new physical activities to add to the equation?


To finish, I would like to tell you you, before adopting a new diet to lose weight, to be clear about your goals, judge if it is a balanced diet, value ??if it is supervised by a health professional such as a dietitian-nutritionist.

It is very important to calculate calories for your particular case and choose the correct activity factor. I’d also urge you to look into hiring a weight loss coach who can help you.

If you reside in Canada, take a look at some of the best weight loss coach Toronto such as Puffy Got Buffy, who specializes in weight loss training. All in all, weight loss requires consistency in your nutrition, exercise, and accountability. As long as you maintain these 3 factors, you are well on your way to a newer and fitter you.


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