5 Beauty Tips To Clean Up Oily Skin At Home


Women generally face the problem of oily skin. It makes the face look dull. Oily skin attracts dust and pollution very quickly. The pores get blockage and causes acne and pimples. It takes away the natural radiance of the skin. Some makeup products also contribute to oily skin. A clinical study revealed emotional aspect related with oily facial skin. To keep skin healthy and young there are several products available in the market. But it comes with side effects too.

Follow these 5 beauty tips to clean up your oily skin at home –

  1. Use a soap free foaming base to wash out excessive oil present on the skin. Clean up your face with gentle water. Move your hands in upward circular motion over the entire surface. It helps to soak oil from the skin and makes it clean and clear.
  2. Take facial steam to open the blocked pores of the skin. At home, pour some boiled water in a large bowl, cover your head with towel and start taking steam. Use a cotton towel to make the face pat dry when you finish facial steam.
  3. Exfoliate your skin using a blackhead extractor. As an alternative, wrap clean tissue around your fingers and gently apply pressure on the blackheads. This method helps to remove blackheads. Apply a little witch hazel or tea tree oil on the skin.
  4. Apply a clay-based mask to wipe out the impurities present on the skin. It acts as a deep-cleansing agent. In the start there is some tingling sensation which disappears slowly. Use strawberry or fruit face packs for sensitive skins. It leaves your skin glowing and bouncy.
  5. Avoid excessive cleaning of the skin. It damages skin cells and develops rashes on the skin. It is advisable to cleanse your skin only twice a day. If required, use a blotting paper to soak excessive oil left on the skin.


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