Expert says not to panic, swine flu can be treated like other influenza

Swine Flu


Indian Medical Association (IMA), sharing the view of the WHO and the ministry of health, government of India, that there is no need to panic and concern, if somebody has swine flu because it should be treated like any other flu.

Expert says that swine flu has the similar symptoms like cough, fever, sore throat, body ache, malaise and occasionally nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and rashes. They said that the reason of increasing the incidences is, drop in the temperature which will be improved once the weather become normal.swine flu

The experts also mentioned that all the cases of swine flu do not require hospitalization because in most of the symptoms can be managed at home only. Only the patient who has underlying medical conditions with poor immunity should be admitted in hospital.

The major symptoms of flu are cough and cold. People should not think that only sore throat is a sign of swine flu. At this point, it is important to mention that the patient should be admitted to hospital if the cough and cold is associated with breathlessness.

Showing the pathological view, the expert says that the virus of swine is not virulent which behaves like other seasonal influenza and exhibits a self-limiting nature. In most of the cases, the body develops its anti-bodies against this disease. But there is no harm to take an oral anti-biotic as a preventive measure. So, one should not worry if he/she develops swine flu because it is as normal as other flu or influenza.

In terms of respiratory hygiene, the experts suggest to maintain a distance of minimum 3 feet from the patient while coughing and sneezing. While coughing, should always cover the mouth and nose with a tissue paper and put it in a waste bin after use. You can also use upper sleep or a hanker chip if you don’t have tissue paper, but hygiene should be maintained by washing the hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.

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