5 Signs Of Depression Those Can Lead To a Breakup


A healthy relationship promises a longer life

Love and depression are feelings those are poles apart. But, when they share the same platform it is a signal that something is not right.

The feeling of falling in love with someone is the most pious for each one of us. Those endless smiles, dreamy times, confession and a lot more make it the best chapter of your life.

What happens if this period gets reversed to a negative angle due to reasons?

The love as a powerful element affects our both emotional and physical front. If you are on the positive side, you will definitely float in the pool of happiness. But, if you are on the love sickness side it can lead to depression If it prolongs its existence.

The modern researchers state depression to be the prime culprits for a decaying relationship.

The growing number of people suffering from this disorder  has increased breakups. Due to this the ratio of people in depression is growing day by day.

As the situation demands a serious concern, I want to share a few symptoms of depression.

To be cautious of these effects and save your love life, keep a watch at these.

1. Declining sex life

Lacking interest in sexual activities is one of the most common symptom of depression. There can be a lot of reasons to it. During this period, the partner may have negative thoughts leading to hesitation. They restrict the natural flow of sexual desire. It can be anxiety, low self-esteem, and other kinds of vibes that bother mentally. With this f signal try to get deep into the matter. Avoid forcing or leaving the person alone.
Take out time to sit and talk about it to reassure comfort.

2. No hope in the relationship

Depression is a cocktail of negative thoughts those affect a person’s mindset. These thoughts give rise to many emotions those affect the ideology of the partner in whole. To lack hope in a relationship can lead to fear and accumulation of negativity for the future. This thought within oneself takes an ugly shape and ruins the present.

The moment you observe such changes for a longer period talk it out with the partner. Try to wipe out the worries,fears and light the ray of hope.

Heal the hurts to save your love

SOURCE: rarediseaseawareness

3. Holding on to negativity

In depression, people elope from the societal ambiance and go into shells. In such a state, we hold on to some negative talks or incidents and keep thinking about it. We become overpowered with our thoughts. When any strong emotion arises we hide ourselves in the cocoon. The ignoring and avoiding leaves an impact in the head making the person more exhausted.

Instead, talk to your partner and extract a solution to de-stress your mind for peace.

4. Depression companion

The first effect of depression is the overdose of toxic elements in life. This is more observed amongst men. Men show the imbalance in their emotions through alcohol and other behaviors. But, women distance themselves and trouble their health . Both the ways the not so normal behavior hampers understanding and care that is most needed.

Pull off your ego and sit down to help each other overcome these low times.

avoid voilence and opt for better ways to resolve

5.  Restlessness

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand. A sleep disorder, lack of concentration, irritation, low energy etc. All these can ruin the smoothness in a relationship. Constant thinking and lack of communication and misunderstandings can lead to all these. It can even increase the tension and give rise to suicidal urges and attempts.
With all these challenges, you may find it difficult to overcome depression. But once you are aware constant efforts and care can keep it away from interfering in your love bond.

Do not let such issues creep in and eat up your love.

Get closer and strong in the relationship and join the league to fight back depression!

Share more ways to over come depression and make life better for others!

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