ADHD Alert-A Disorder You Must Know About



Have you ever had an aggressive adrenaline rush? Or recently got over hyper on some simple issue?
Thinking, right?  I know the term ADHD seems complicated and gives rise to many questions in mind.

 Their growing number of illness and disorders in the environment. Another one added in the list must have made you anxious.

To break the suspense and before I start sharing the information, let me define the term first. This will give you a clearer picture of what I am talking about.

The full form is – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

As the name says it is a hyper state in which the person is not able to control his or her behavior. It makes you overactive and difficult to concentrate on anything. Mostly this disorder states from the childhood and often extends till the adulthood.

According to the researchers, the disorder is a combination of two behaviors. To study the basic symptoms, you can divide them into categories-

1. Inattention

During this behavior, it becomes difficult for the person to concentrate on one thing. Their mind wanders and makes them a bad listener in public. They may seem lazy and not punctual. But in actual they find it difficult to plan, organize and complete the task on time. This leads to poor learning capacity and also slow transition from one work to another.


2. Hyperactivity

While observing this behavior you will see that person is restless. He or she will not be able to sit without rest. Either they will be fidgeting with things or showing uncontrollable body movement. For example tapping of feet. Due to lack of concentration they will keep shifting from one task to another. With the urge to do more than one thing at a time, they go haywire and confuse themselves.


How to detect?

After observing these symptoms, you can approach the doctor with a report. The report should contain information from parents and the professional front.

 Consult the doctor and start with the regular treatment. It gives you chances to see drastic improvement along with other measures.

Causes of ADHD

Though there is no specific cause for the problem, but can get passed on in genes. For people who have had a history of such disorder in the family, they are likely to receive it in the blood. Other reasons are a chemical imbalance in the brain and lack of nutrition during early days. One is when the mother gets exposed to mercury during her pregnancy.

emotional help

Medical and Emotional Help

For such cases the person needs both medical and person attention. The mother should make sure to help the child out with things and make him patient. For adults try to strengthen their concentration level and also help manage their anger. Mistakes happen without any notice because of this disorder. At such a time it becomes tough for them to understand what exactly is going on. Support them and boost their morale to show them everything is fine.

You can take them for therapies or organize a schedule chart so that their life comes in routine. Make them learn how to juggle with more than one task at a time.

Instead of leaving them on their own due to reasons, hold their hands. Help them overcome this difficult time to live a better and happy life.

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