6 Strong Home Remedies To Treat Hair Fall

6 Strong Home Remedies To Treat Hair Fall

Even people who don’t pay much attention to their hair start to worry when it begins to fall. They might feel betrayed in some way: I am taking good care of my hair, buying shampoos and conditioners – and here is how it rewards me by falling out.

It’s a delicate situation, especially for women – it can be devastating to lose your hair. Before you freak out and go to the general practitioner, you might want to try those simple home remedies for treating hair fall:

  1. Aloe Vera. It is an herb well known for its effects in reducing inflammation. It conditions the scalp and is an excellent remedy for hair fall.
  2. Algae Extract. Sea weeds are rich in vitamins and are often used for supplements. They can be used for hair loss and add luster and shine to the hair.
  3. Ginkgo Biloba. It is a good memory and circulatory tonic. It’s a powerful herb for skin problems and hair loss.
  4.  Green Tea. It has been used for centuries to reduce hair loss.
  5. Horsetail. This herb has been used for treating urinary problems, but it is rich in silica, which makes it an ideal remedy for hair loss.
  6. Stinging Nettle – this herb is especially helpful to prevent hair loss among men.

Take care of your lifestyle and health as well. Most drugs, thyroid imbalance and iron deficiency can all cause hair loss.

Do you know that 47 percent of the people who have lost their hair feel so uncomfortable about it that they would spend their life savings for a full crown of hair? Should that be the case?

Well, for people who do not suffer from hair loss – it can be awesome and precious. I personally know a few women who think baldness in men is actually immensely sexy. It makes the man look more mature, down to earth and less worried about how he appears to everyone else. And instead of a terrible haircut – this man has confidence. After all – we are all born bald; it’s a natural human state. So don’t worry about it too much. The best way to cope with baldness among men is discovering that it is actually alluring and exciting, manly and showing you are ready to accept change and physical challenges, that you are a handsome, virile man. And I am not joking: the anticipation of sex makes hair grow faster!





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