Know When To Throw Out These 6 Common Beauty Products From Your Kit


when does your makeup become harmful

I am well aware that beauty products are an inevitable part of our lives. Whether you belong to the male gender or the female one. We both are fond of products those make us outshine more and look beautiful.

But, we are also aware that these products contain heavily loaded chemicals.

Approx 95% of the products that we use daily contain chemical compounds. They are definitely harmful to our skin and health.

Does this mean in-spite of knowing the pros and cons attached with these products? We still are acting blindfolded just to grace a short span of our lives at the cost of our health?

Here I am just trying to pen down 7 products those are at the extreme level of chemical content. Know how you can detect their impurity in the easiest way!

1. Cleaning Detergents and Soaps

discard soaps with excess chemicals and are harsh

Cleansing is a necessary part of our lives. We all want to stay fit and clean without letting the dirt settle on our body. To do that we obviously approach towards soaps those are anti-bacterial. They are too harsh for the skin.

To wash your hands, face and body off impurities. It is not necessary to use harsh soaps. You can even use mild organically made soaps. They contain natural ingredients those help to control your Ph balance.

Our body is created in such a way that it absorbs everything that we feed to it.

This makes us ensure that we consume the least of chemicals. A few those are used in these soaps.

They are sodium cocoyl isethionate, Stearic acid, and Benzoyl Peroxide. After a thorough study on soaps, I realized how much chemical our body takes and is reducing our skin oils.

Harsh soaps are easy to detect. When they make your skin dry, rough and causes inflammation. Understand it is time to change your bar.

2. Expired Makeup

Makeup and cautiousness attached to it

This is a big concern that women ignore most of the times. Since, the makeup that we use costs a good amount. We try to use it minimal so that it lasts long. Sorry to say this is a myth. The longer you keep your makeup after its expired date the more harmful it will get for you. The products already contain a huge dose of chemicals. Giving them a chance to react and create another deadly compound is your loss.

Make sure to keep a track of the expiry date.

-When your makeup color changes and smells different.

-When you have had an infection(skin or eye)

Avoid using makeup beyond that. Your health and life are more important than a few bucks.

3. Razors and Hair Removal Creams

razor for hair removal

A large section of women uses razor and hair removal creams for basic hygiene. It is much cheaper and easier to use. With no pain and time-saving features, women often use this form of hair removal. Even razors and creams have a limited time or survival. After a certain count of use, razors should be discarded. Using an old razor again and again and keeping it in an exposed area attracts germs. It can cause infections and even skin problems those can cause septic.

Same goes for the creams. Do not store them after their expiry date. They may cause skin allergies and irritation. Try picking mild creams those have more of natural ingredients. For razors try picking disposable ones those you can throw away after one use.

4. Hair Dyes

Hair dyes and their illeffects on skin

According to the research hair, dyes are one of the major causes of skin cancer. Though it is an unavoidable necessity for some. Sad to say, it does not even have any alternate yet. In such a case try using dyes occasionally. Ensure to pick the ones those are Ammonia free. Search about hair dyes and know the scientific facts behind it.

5. Nail Polish

nailpaint and imflammation

We all love to color our nails matching our dresses. It is indeed exciting and trendy too. But, are you aware why is it advised to apply nail paint in a well-ventilated area? The nail polish has a high content of dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and toluene.

They cause inflammation and are harmful to the nails and body when sniffed.

To reduce the chemical coating try using water-based nail paints and those which have fewer toxins.

6. Lead in Lipsticks How to Find Out

lipsticks have lead in them know how to detect

Lipsticks are the best way to enhance your beauty of lips and appearance. What if the same lipstick contains lead and can cause cancer? Strange right! Even the most elite brands use Lead in their lipsticks.

In such a situation, it becomes tough to find out the ones which do not contain this chemical.

Here is how you can save your lips from consuming Lead.

Next when you go to buy lipsticks

-Apply some on your hand.

-Then take a gold ring and rub over it.

-If the lipstick turns black then the lipstick contains good content of lead.

It helps you to easily spot the ones you need to avoid and the ones you need to pick from now!

Keep these cautious measures in mind next when you go for beauty shopping! Try picking organic and natural stuff. They are much more fruitful for your skin than chemicals.

The market is full of organic products you just need to make a little more effort to search for the right one.


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