8 Insane But True Facts About Squeezing Pimples


Going crazy seeing a pimple on the face? Oh surely, I can feel exactly what you are going through. Are you sure you are trying the best of ways to win this battle against acne?

Sadly, our speedy desire to get rid of them makes us commit blunders, one of them is squeezing pimples. The oil glands are responsible for giving birth to breakouts and acnes. Due to the blockage of follicle canal between the pores and glands.

It might appear easy and quick to squeeze a pimple and try to reduce its size and mark. I am sorry you are highly mistaken! This is one of the most common and yet worst attempts to clear your skin off the trap of pimples and its marks.

To not ruin the texture of your skin completely, please make sure you do not get lured to squeeze pimples in any situation.

Here are 6 insane but rock solid reasons those will prove why you should ban squeezing pimple in your life.

no squeezing pimple

1. Infection

The thought of squeezing a pimple is infectious in itself. When you decide to forcibly ooze the pus out of the zits it tends to absorb more bacteria from your fingers and nails. It will further add to the infection inflammation. Instead of reducing the size it will become more visible and get worse.

2. Scars

scars due to pimples

Pimples are temporary they come and go. But the scars if they come and take a good time to fade away. One of the major reasons of scars is an early and unprofessional way of popping pimples. Though a pimple popping is not something I would suggest you all. But if you really think for urgent times you need to squeeze it then ask the professionals to do it for you. Whether a doctor or a beauty specialist. Doing it on your own will worsen the state and even leave dark red marks on the skin.

3. Gateway for new pimples

You must have realized when you squeeze one pimple often within a day or two another one pops up. This is because the bacteria accumulation on the nearby area when you squeeze a pimple.

It reacts and makes the skin prone to more pimples.

In most of the cases, you end giving birth to more and more pimples instead of reducing them to multiply.

4. Redness and itchiness

pimple problem

When you are about to squeeze pimples it is the result of the uncontrollable itchiness that pushes you to pinch it. Pimples produce redness and itchiness that subsides once a pimple takes its time to vanish.

If you try to pick a pimple before time to get rid of it. Then be ready to face intolerable itchiness and redness due to open pore and inflammation caused due to forcible squeezing.

5. More problems and ignorance to root cause

you should not squeeze pimples

One of the biggest mistakes that we all commit and repeatedly do is, just concentrating on how to get rid of a pimple. Instead of keeping a check on the diet and hygiene that is the root cause of it.

Squeezing pimple causes it to be more visible and add to problems like anxiety, worry, lack of concentration into some important work and lack of confidence.

Forget about squeezing pimples and look for better ways to treat them. Pick natural remedies those even if they are slow are more effective to keep zits out permanently.

Take pimples popping as a challenge and test your patience to hold yourself from reaching to them and attacking

A Little patience will only do good to you and benefit your skin.

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