Research: A new skin patch may help prevent diabetic ulcer



In a new research, the researchers discovered a new skin patch to treat the ulcers in diabetic patients. According to their study, this new skin patch can help improve the mechanism of healing of diabetic linked ulcers.

The study says that this potent and safe skin patch would definitely release a drug DFO, used to increase the healing in diabetic ulcers. While experimenting on mice, they also found that this medicated skin patch is also effective in the prevention of ulcers.

The study lead, Mr. Duscher said that they found this medication was well tolerated by the mice during their experiment, which indicates that it will be beneficial for humans also. They had also noticed that the quality of the new skin was better than the previous one.

To check its ability for prevention of ulcer, they used the DFO on the mouse with diabetes and found that it really works. Seeing the positive results, the lead of the study Mr. Duscher and his team is very excited to begin the clinical trial on humans.

The paper is published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. — ANI

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