These 5 Things Can Cause Serious Depression During Pregnancy


One should not consider depression as a common feeling like sad or low! It is much more than the common seclusion from usual life. Though, pregnancy is considered as one of the happiest time for most. But, for some it may turn out to be a time that wipes out happiness.

Depression as one of the most widely prevailing illness. It can even eat up the most beautiful time of your life.

According to the Statistics from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Around 14 to 23 percent of women suffer from some form of depression during pregnancy.

This proves during pregnancy there are certain things those can cause any kind of depression to develop.

To help women not get trapped in such a situation and enjoy every bit of their pregnancy.

Here are 5 things you need to watch keenly to avoid depression.

avoid these symptoms those can lead to depression during pregnancy

1. Unpredictable Behavior of Hormones and Genes

The moment you get pregnant the fluctuation of hormones is an obvious activity in your body. The reproductive cycle is changing and performing in a different way than the usual. This can sometimes make you experience mood swings.

Some of them can really get hyper at things and even get irritated. In such a state, when you feel it to long for more than a week visit your doctor.

He or she will help you keep away from its constant effect. They may even suggest you a few activities or medication.

A prolonged Morning sickness can really be a gateway for some to go into depression.

2. Loneliness

The increasing number of single mothers has given rise to loneliness during pregnancy. The reason are uncountable. But, eventually it leads to depression that makes the expecting lady feel lonely.

Being alone during this pious time of life adds to a lot of depression and crave for love. This usually makes the lady dislike everything around her. She can even stop taking care of herself. For example not eating, crying and sleeping.

So, for all those expecting mothers. Try not to let such a season fall on to your blessed duration.

Instead, try being around friends, go for walks meet people who will make you happy. You can even go and visit places those elevate your mood.

Love yourself for the decision and never feel lonely because you already have a life within you!!!!

depression should be taken seriously during pregnancy and treated as soon as possible
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3. Relationship Conflict

depression a harmful illness during pregnancy

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The increasing percentage of conflict in relationships have led to severe depression. During pregnancy to have such tiffs and fights can give rise to a lot of problems and complications.

The emptiness of love and understanding in life. Inspite of having a partner can really toss the happiness attached with pregnancy.

One of the worst cases is domestic violence. It ruins the essence of relationship and also the state of the women.

Try avoiding such scenes and reach to people who love and care about you in every situation. Take your time out and do not let such things affect your pregnancy.

More than 25% women face such violence and become a victim of pregnancy complications. To avoid a scene in future. You now know it is time to walk off to a better vicinity to save your child and self.

4. Depression History

Some people might take it as a not so serious point. But, mind you it is something you need to watch. Depression can be an illness that can last all your life. So, during pregnancy if you feel you are getting former feelings of depression. Then realize you need to visit your doctor immediately.

He will help you subside or even get over such retrieving feelings. You need to make sure that you examine your behavior timely or tell your spouse to keep a track of it.

pregnancy depression

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5. Complication and Young Age Factor

You might not realize, but it is a fact! Women who get pregnant early or accidentally. They can really invite depression at their doorstep.

For the young women who are not ideally capable of becoming pregnant. It can be a situation of severe tension and fear.

It can even lead to complication due to being unfit or not prepared to nurture the baby. Ensure to get counselling from loved ones or doctors. Finally, accept you are pregnant and respect the decision.

Feel blessed and confident to create a life in you and carve a good future for the child.

Instead, of letting negative things cloud ur mind. Forsee a good upbringing for your child. Concentrate on outlining a good and comfortable life for them. Start to organise things to make them better person from within.

Welcome, a beautiful part of you. Dedicate your life for them and devote yourself to an unmatched love!!!!!

Happy Parenting!

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