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Hair loss is a very common problem which affects both the men and women at a particular point of life. Medically it is termed as Alopecia. In today’s stressful life, this problem is more often seen in younger people. Your hair is one of the most important parts of your body that not only enhance your beauty but also contributes a major part into your personality. Hair fall can be prevented if you take a proper care and treatment at the right time. However, biologically the hair fall is mainly seen in the later age.

What are the causes of Hair loss?

Depending on the gender, there are two types of hair loss, such as male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss. There are many factors that can cause hair loss. Some of the important factors are mentioned below:

  • Hormonal change (both men and women)
  • Heredity/Genetically
  • Some underlying medical conditions like. Thyroid problem, blood disease (anemia,), and Vitamin deficiency.
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Menopause and puberty in females
  • Pregnancy
  • Iron Deficiency
  • Chemotherapy in cancer patient
  • Other


What are the treatments of hair loss?

The treatment of hair loss is completely depends on the underlying cause. If you are suffering this problem due to the hormonal or hereditary factors, then you can’t help it out as it becomes permanent problem. On the other hand, if it is related to any other temporary issues like iron deficiency, anemia, stress or any female oriented condition like pregnancy, puberty etc, then it can be sort out by consulting with your health care provider. Some of the treatment aspects of hair loss are mentioned below:

  • Management of stress.
  • Iron supplement.
  • Vitamin supplement
  • Medication like Minoxidil Rogain (Available as over-the-counter medicine)
  • Finasteride (popecia): This medication is approved by FDA and available only for men
  • Dutasteride (only for men)
  • Hair transplant surgery (Can be done in permanent hair loss)


What are the preventive measures of hair loss?

Although hair loss is a common condition, you can prevent it or delay it’s occurrence by adopting some preventive measures, such as:

  • Always avoid excessive chemical treatment, coloring, ironing, blow drying etc as these can cause hair fall.
  • Avoid the hair styles like high pony tail, braids or pigtails because it can lead to hair fall.
  • Maintain a proper hygiene for your hair by washing with a mild shampoo in a regular basis.
  • Do not get panic if you notice that your hairs are falling. Discuss with your doctor to know the exact cause and get the treatment done accordingly.
  • Adopt some moderate exercise to improve the blood circulation of your body which is very healthy for your hair too.
  • Eat a balanced diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, dairy products and foods containing more amounts of protein as much as possible.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Every problem has a solution. So, do not get stressed if you experience hair fall or hair loss in any stage of your life. Medical science has made it easy for you to sort out this most unwanted issue. So why are you waiting and wasting your time? Come one step ahead, you will get the proper solution.

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