Diabetes Prevention



How can you think of diabetes prevention when you don’t know what diabetes is about? This is the case with most people. Everyone knows about diabetes but most will not know what exactly it is and how it affects the body. So let’s start with an idea about what is diabetes and how we can prevent diabetes.

Food eaten is used by the body for energy and to grow. Diabetes happens when the body cannot process the food into the required energy. Food gets broken in to glucose which is then sent in to the bloodstream where the cells put it to use in the respective areas of energy and growth. But glucose cannot be sent to the blood if there is no insulin. Insulin is a hormone manufactured by the pancreas.

Diabetes occurs when, 1, the pancreas cannot make enough insulin, 2, when the body cannot utilize the insulin produced. Glucose is still being sent to the blood and now there is an overload of glucose in the blood which then gets passed out form the body via urine. But the body has been deprived of the necessary fuel.

This is where we need to know how to prevent diabetes. Diabetes prevention is possible, diabetes prevention is proven and all you need to do is stick to few ground rules about your eating habits.

But how do you know if you are at risk to get diabetes. Well! Get a pre-diabetes check done. This will help with diabetes control if you do stand a risk for becoming diabetic.

Generally this means that your glucose levels are higher than normal in the blood. There are tests done and check-ups that will tell you if you are pre-diabetic.

But if you are pre-diabetes then don’t worry. You can prevent diabetes by making some lifestyle changes. Diabetes control is also possible with some dietary changes. Diabetes prevention is a very well researched topic and your doctor will be able to give you all the required advice.

Prevent diabetes by losing weight. This is the first step to diabetes prevention. Next, prevent diabetes by doing at least thirty to forty minutes of some physical exercise maybe five days a week. Diet control is yet another way to prevent diabetes. Control the portion you eat, reduce use of butter and oil in your cooking, and avoid high sodium foods by reading the label on the package while buying your provisions. Vegetables are very important in diabetes control. Then there are some lifestyle aspects that you could modify, for example, don’t watch TV and eat, your food intake is higher this way. Eat slowly because your brain needs about twenty minutes to get the full signal form your stomach.

Good nutrition and sensible living is the key to prevent diabetes. Diabetes control is also essential so if you are diagnosed as being pre-diabetic then take necessary steps to diabetes control so that your pre-diabetes stage does not bloom in to full strength diabetes.  Surf the net for more information on diabetes control and diabetes prevention programs where you will get detailed information and guidance to manage your condition successfully.


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