Medal Winning Olympians’ Healthy Recipe


The 2012 Olympics have started already and many Olympians have begun their medal winning spree. Some has won 3-4 medals while other has reached the 7 or 8 mark. Whatever may be the medal count and category (gold, silver or bronze), there is one thing that leaves everyone amazed. And, that is- how come they seem to be so invincible and what is that secret that makes them win every competition they enter.

The secret of these medal winning Olympians is the healthy recipe they consume. Here are some of those healthy recipes and the name of the Olympians who consume it. You may also have it and live a healthy life.

Turkey and Ham Sandwich

Olympian: Jessica Ennis

A heptathlon champion and favorite athlete of Britain, needs to plan her diet well so that she is fit to compete in number of events. The turkey and ham sandwich on whole meal bread is the favorite lunch of Jessica. Turkey and ham are high in protein and low in fat. This helps in establishing and maintaining strong muscles and enhance metabolism.

Turkey and Ham Sandwich
Grilled Chicken

Olympian: Mo Farah

If you are running for long distances as a part of training like Mo Farah then do something that could relieve your muscles from the pressure developed due to running this long. Chicken, a rich source of protein, is an ideal choice for the purpose. Grill it and fat levels will be low in the dish. Mo keeps a check on what he eats and drinks. Whenever he is training for an upcoming competition, he never has even a single drop of alcohol. And, he has won number of gold medals due to this self-restraint.

Eggs on Toast

Olympian: Dai Greene

Dai Greene is the world champion of 400m hurdle and strongly believes in eating healthy. He mentioned once that his epilepsy was cured due to the improvement in his diet. For him, the meaning of healthy diet is easy to prepare healthy food and this includes eggs on toast. Eggs are rich source of muscle building protein. You get the advantage of vitamin B if you consume this preparation with whole meal bread. Vitamin E is also beneficial as it is an antioxidant.

These meals have proved a lot beneficial for the Olympians and have helped them get medals. You may also prepare these healthy recipe and live a healthy life.


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