5 health Apps to keep you mentally Healthy Yet relaxed


With an increase in technology and facilities around the world, unfortunately, daily stress has also been increasing. Managing work, family, funds, peers, and ever-increasing need to make life better has reached such a state in mind that peace and happiness are not finding their spot there.

Thankfully, this technology is also working on reducing such stress and bring about complete peace. Here are 5 of the top mobile apps to keep you mentally healthy and relaxed.

1. Calm

Available for: iOS (free) and Android (Free)

Calm has been rated as the App of the year by Apple in the year 2017. Focusing on meditation, breathing exercise, music, and sounds, this app can help reduce your stress level to a large extent if you use the app regularly.

Be it a beginner or advanced meditator, the app has contents to offer everyone.

Click here to download it in your phone now.

2. Headspace

Available for: iOS (free) and Android (Free)

Like Calm, Headspace is a meditation app available for all Android and iOS devices. The app has many mediation sessions which it has categorized as beginner intermediate and advanced level.

Download the app now and get started with the divine experience of meditation.

The meditation sessions focus on bringing about peace of mind, a place of calm and a number of other programs including reducing stress and increasing your concentration.

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.” –John Milton

3. Moodnotes

Available for: iOS ($4.99)

Moodnotes is a thought journal and mood diary. The app can be used to capture your feelings and improve your thinking habits through the implementation of CBT and positive psychology.

Track your mood and increase self-awareness of what influences it. Learn to recognize “traps” in your thinking and ways to rethink the situation.

Get it now here.

4. Pacifica

Available for: iOS (free) and Android (Free)

Pacifica is designed for people who are always having anxiety and stress in their minds. It has a supportive feature to deal with your anxiety and stress alongside a helpful community with people having similar kinds of experiences.

Its special features like meditation tools, mindfulness, mood tracking, and relaxation can help you bring complete calm in your mind. Click here to get it now.

5. Insight Timer

Available for: iOS (free) and Android (Free)

One of my favorite, Insight timer has a number of categories including meditation sessions, sounds for sleep and great spiritual talks. It’s a social media for meditators where thousands of people are meditating together on many subjects.

 You can choose your meditation to reduce stress, increase awareness, feel gratitude, yoga nidra, Motivation, reducing depression and much more .

If you want to give an app a try, this should be there in the must install list.

We know how important this life is. But we never realize its importance. If you are conscious that someday you will be leaving this body, you will have no time to crib. But to realize this, we need to leave behind all the stress we carry over our heads.

Try these apps that can keep you mentally healthy and relaxed. Also, share with us if you use any different app that can keep our minds healthy and peace in place. Be happy, be healthy!

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