Protein that Inhibits the HIV virus and the release of Ebola




A recent interesting research says that a type of protein that is found to influence the entry of HIV-1 into the human cells also exhibits a capacity to stop the release of many viruses including Ebola virus. This fact increases the curiosity and makes the scientists to provide us more information about viral infections and AIDS that finally create new antiviral strategies. This latest study was published in national academy of science.

HIV or immunodeficiency virus is not able to replicate by itself. To do so, it always uses a host cell’s machinery. To enter into the host cells, it has to bind with the receptors that are found in the target cells. Once it gets enter into the cell, it transformed it like a factory and replicates large number of viruses.

In the recent study, the scientists have able to identify a particular type of protein family that is called TIM protein. This particular protein plays an important role in the entry of various viruses inside the cells including dengue, Ebola etc. Interestingly, the scientists of University of Missouri revealed that this kind of proteins not only stimulates the entry of HIV-1 viruses but also inhibits the release of virus like Ebola.

To know the information in more detail, the researchers investigated on the interactions between the TIM proteins and HIV-1 virus. They noticed that TIM proteins start occupying the tether and virions which are the particles of the cellular membrane as soon as HIV-1 starts to escape from the host cell. This action is done by a mediator known as phosphotidylserine (PS). Since the PS is flipped outside the cell due to viral infection, so it stays on the surface of the virus and cell. Then they bind with each other because HIV-1 comes out from the cells leading the particles in the cell surface.

Even though, the above investigation gives us an idea of viral infection but according to some researchers it is not yet clear whether the interaction between TIM and HIV-1 is a positive factor or not. To come to a proper conclusion, some further studies are required.

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