First-Ever Decline in TB Cases


It is good news for those concerned with the health at social level.This is for the first time in history that the absolute number of cases of tuberculosis have been recorded falling. It has been made clear in a report released by WHO, recently.

The Global Tuberculosis Control Report 2011 has revealed that the number of people who became victim of TB was 8.8 million in the year 2010. The number shows a fall for the first time from its peak of 9 million in 2009.The news is good but if we go by the words from Baan Ki-Moon, the UN General Secretary, the progress is under risk of reversal due to lack of funding.

TB is a disease that has haunted the civilization for long in the twentieth century. Caused by the infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, it mainly affects the tissues of lung. But it eventually can spread to other parts of the body. Though the treatment has been developed for the disease the people dying due to this disease are still as high as 1.4 million in numbers (year 2010). The figure has certainly to do with the issues beyond medicine and include poverty and unhygienic conditions millions billion of people are still cursed to live in.

The treatment requires a long course of antibiotics for months together among others. Any break in this course can aggravate the patient’s condition soon.The risk of reversal is particularly due to the dependence of low-income countries on external sources.


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