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Giving birth to a child is a proud moment gifted to a woman. The feeling of having a life grow within you is beyond any comparison. The decision to become pregnant can be monotonous or planned. The emotional aspect nurtures a life waiting to see this beautiful world.

Myths linked with pregnancy are often heard. Here is the list of few myths that circulate in the minds of future mothers –

1.       Should I try some body movements to help the sperms meet the egg?

It is one of the vaguest things ever imagined. According to this statement, women having sex should position their body in various ways. It helps the sperms travel to meet the eggs, which is not true. There is no such thing as positioning yourself. The sperms once ejected know their path and get their way. They reach the eggs without any extra efforts from our side. So don’t get tired trying some heavy positions.

2.      I want to start my day with a cup of coffee. Is it ok?

Most women believe that consuming coffee can increase the amount of heat in the womb. They assume it will lead to miscarriage. It is not true. Yes, an increased amount of coffee intake can be harmful. But, it does not restrict you to kick start your day with a cup of coffee.

3.      Is the shape of my belly predicts the gender of the child?

World is changing with women on top. But still there are some misconceptions in the society. The preference for male child still exists in some orthodox families. Some women consider the shape of belly as a tool for sex determination. This is again a wrong perceived myth. Consider the blessing of god and cherish the uniqueness of both genders.

4.      Where is my sex life?

Sex is one of an essential part of human beings. Whether, you consider from the life giving aspect or pleasure. It is an important part of us. In the similar way, while a woman is pregnant she goes through a lot of changes and desires one of them is sex. In the olden times, it was risky to have sex during pregnancy that restricted the freedom to make love. With science advancing in knowledge, the doctors suggest it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. So, with some precautions enjoy your sex life during pregnancy.

5.      Is pregnancy possible after breast cancer?

Yes, it is possible. Women are able to conceive baby after having treatment of breast cancer. But, it requires a proper consultation from a specialized gynecologist.

To deliver a healthy baby is every woman’s dream. It is important to wipe out myths that stops you enjoy the bliss of motherhood.

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