Non-antibiotic Acne Treatment Needs Better Research


Experts have recommended a comprehensive research on non-antibiotic acne treatment as long term antibiotic intake may be harmful for health. The latest opinion was expressed in the journal the Lancet today.



Though markets are packed with various ointments and medicines for acne,there are always questions about their efficacy.

“The large number of products and product combinations, and the scarcity of comparative studies, has led to disparate guidelines with fewrecommendations being evidence-based.”, said Hywel Williams, leading author at the university of Nottingham in UK.

Experts have provided some guidelines for improvement in acne treatment.Very less knowledge is there regarding acne treatment despite very large numbers of adults suffer from this. Though hygiene, sunlight, skin condition,eating habits etc impact acne to an extent, a good treatment is mandatory to
get it treated properly.

So, need for a fresh research is emphasized to improve acne treatment.


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