7 Rare Facts About Periods You Had No Clue About


It is surprising to see how periods are still dealt as a whispering concern amongst people. Though it is not so eagerly welcomed time of the month. But still it is a positive sign of you being normal and a women’s body functioning properly.

Once we start menstruating. Our body gets used to it and faces some unknown symptoms those vary from women to women. There are some common ones. But some are weird and lesser known amongst both men and women.

In the preparation for pregnancy every month. If there are no chances of pregnancy the estrogen makes your the body go through a series of change. That time is known as mensuration. This affects the women and even the people in her surrounding.

Here are 7 facts and their reasons those will help you better understand. What makes them behave unusually.


1. Low-Calorie Diet Less Flow

healthy dieti is must during this time

During periods, we are not only losing blood. Instead, we are also losing a layer of the uterus wall from our body. It has been proved that you need to have a little flesh and strength to face periods smoothly. If you have inadequate diet and low-calorie food during these times then your periods can really stop. It can even affect the blood flow that is required.

2. Thinking Ability/Mood Swings

mood swing suring periodsImage Source:theperiodvitamin

A constant backache, cramps, tiredness, can lead to less attention and thinking. You might observe that during these days your mind may not be that active and sharp like it is on usual days. The attention gets divided between pain and work. In some circumstances, it goes beyond the senses too.

Another observation is mood swings. The medical science states that it starts a few days before the periods approach. Due to high estrogen levels and body changes. You might experience mood swings which are unpredictable and unwanted.

So, for all the partners you now know it is not them doing it! Blame the hormones and love your women more!

3. More Arousal

high rate of arousal during periods

Image Source:womenpla

You might be shocked to feel horny during mensuration and must have tried to ignore the feeling? It is perfectly normal not your fault! During mensuration, the progesterone hormones level goes down. It pushes you to crave for sex!

Next when you are in mood during this time just enjoy the feeling and do not stress yourself worrying.

4. Pregnancy Glimpse

pregnancy symptoms during periodsImage Source:theperiodvitamin

This is a strange experience that gives you a glimpse of early pregnancy days! Since, your body is preparing for pregnancy during this time. You might get some common symptoms. Like the softness of breast, fluidity, the feeling of bloated etc.

It is caused due to the hormone called progesterone that is secreted. So, it is not easy to face this emotional and physical imbalance smoothly! Hope you understand!

5. Did You Know About Vicarious Periods

This kind of period is lesser known amongst people. In this condition the person bleeds from their mouth, ears, nose, eyes or lungs than the just uterus. This medical problem was discovered during early 1800. For such rare cases, you need to visit the doctor for further help.

6. Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy glimpse

Image Source:123dentist

It is a proven fact that there have been cases of pregnancy after having sex during periods. For those who have shorter periods and make love during those days. They are more likely to become pregnant as compared to the longer span ones.

The American Pregnancy Association states this fact! You need to keep a check on your way of loving during this time too!

7. Severe Condition During Cold Season And Iron Deficiency

periods during cold season can be toughImage Source:youne

Periods make you lose a good amount of blood and energy. It leads to uneasiness and aches. Mostly it causes an iron deficiency that should be treated seriously. Take in food loaded with iron or supplements those can cover up.

Another observation states. During cold season the flow, pain level and duration of periods last for a longer time.

To ease those days with natural remedies. You can read my previous blog written. 8 Awesome Remedies To Naturally Overcome Mensuration Cramps

I hope I was able to answer questions those have been knocking your head. Why women behave differently during these crucial days!

Be their support them. Respect the way they try to normalize things without sharing the uneasiness loud!

For all the women Love yourself and know You Rock The Way You Are!
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