Rotator Cuff Injury


In the shoulder are present tendons and muscles which make the rotator cuff injury and connect the bones of the upper arm with the blades of the shoulder. The upper bone of the arm is held well with the ball and socket of the shoulder.

Any joint in the body is able to attain a great motion range due to combination results provided by the rotator cuff. Sometimes damage or irritation could be caused to the tendons and muscles in the region. Repetitive activities of the arm, falling or lifting heavy objects lead to injury. Treatment without medical gadgets or anti-inflammatory medication is possible.

While keeping things on shelves overhead or while playing baseball injury could be caused to the rotator cuff. With exercise therapy and measures suggested for self care the rotator cuff injury can heal in about half the time. If you treat and cure the rotator cuff injury at home properly, the injury can healed immediately.  A few important steps too can be followed to treat the damage.

Movements that are painful must be avoided especially the things that caused the pain in the first place. You can follow home-based inexpensive physical therapy sessions to treat the injury. Until the pain subsides overhead activities and lifting heavy things must be avoided. Pain and inflammation reduction is possible by putting ice on the shoulder.

A cold pack can be applied after every few hours for a few days as part of rotator cuff treatment. Hot packs can be applied when improvement in inflammation and pain takes place. To reduce pain OTC or Over the Counter anti inflammatory drugs of the non-steroidal kind can be taken. Directions on the label need to be adhered to and when the pain improves avoid taking the drugs.

In a pain free manner gentle exercises can be done to keep the muscles agile. Stiff joints could be caused due to complete inactivity. Eliminate the need for doctor visits and continue exercising when the motion range is good and healing of injury takes place. Injury can be prevented by stretching shoulders on a daily basis.


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