5 Common Foot Problems in Men

common feet problems

Foot problems are the most common issues ignored by men. Most of the time they overlook such issues because the problem begins with mild pain. But it is not a good idea to live with the problem because it may become worse over time if not treated at the right time.

However, it is easy to treat or manage any problem related to feet or ankle, unless it is a major injury or accident.common feet problems

Some of the common problems associated to feet and ankle occurs in men are:

1. Fungal and bacterial infection:

Bacterial and fungal infection occurs in the people who wear shoes for a long time. When you wear shoes for hours, your feet do not get enough amount of fresh air to stay dry. This will lead to bacterial and fungal diseases such as peeling, dry skin, itching, blister and redness to your toes.

2. Ankle strain:

People who take part in sports and athletic activities, is more like to have this problem. It happens due to the exertion of excessive pressure on the ankle. It may also occur when you walk, causing acute pain.
Ankle strain may cause tearing of the ligament. So it is always advised by the experts to wear a flat heeled shoe and walk in a stable way.

3. Spurs:

Spur is a painful condition that occurs due to the muscle strain on the feet. In this condition, there will be a growth of calcium on the foot bones. It happens due to wearing bad shoes and standing for hours. Overweight or obese men are more prone to have this problem.

4. Athletes foot:

Athletes’ foot is a fungal infection which is most common in swimmers. In this condition, a reddish rash is developed between the toes that can lead to painful ulcers if left untreated. As a preventive measure, always dry your feet after swimming.

5. Corns and Calluses:

Corns and Calluses may arise from wearing uncomfortable shoes. These are painful and thickened skin areas, developed during running and walking. It occurs when the feet get rubbed against your shoes. It occurs between the toes and on the sole area. This condition should be treated as early as possible to avoid any surgical procedure.

So, if you experience any discomfort or pain in your feet, do not overlook it. Consult with your health care provider immediately to avoid any serious complication.

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