Blood Group Diets- The Perfect Dieting Mantra!

Blood Group Diets- The Perfect Dieting Mantra!

These days, everyone wants to be in great shape and look drop dead gorgeous. But people hardly know the secret of the weight loss mantra- the true identification of their diet charts! With the new range of blood group diets identified, it is never too tough to shed those extra pounds. You just need to cut in your regular intake of calories and put in a bit of more of exercise to lose weight. When your body finds that it cannot generate the required energy from consumed food, it will automatically start to burn the fat deposits in your body.

People with different blood groups respond differently to the variety of nutrition. In fact, proteins from pulses that we generally consider to be very nutritious for everyone have been found to cause damage to some people.

Recent researches have analyzed the most suitable food chart for the blood groups by which O blood group people are meat eaters, people from A blood group are vegetarians. Blood group types B are omnivores while AB people can enjoy balanced diets.

Blood Group O: People having the O group of blood should refrain from having high levels of carbohydrates and dairy products. Proteins obtained from fishes and meat are extremely beneficial to them. Since people from the O group are more prone to having blood clots, they should exercise regularly.

Blood Group A: If you happen to belong to this line of people, you should abstain from meat and dairy products. Loads of vegetables and fish should comprise your ideal diet chart. Because this group is said to have risks of contracting cardio vascular diseases and diabetes, it is suggested that mild exercises should supplement the diet chart.

Blood Group B: People of the B group of blood should not consume much of chicken, bacon, corn, lentils and wheat. Else, a balanced diet with loads of meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy suits them the best. Being prone to heart diseases along with everyday diseases, they should exercise in moderate amounts.

Blood Group AB: The modern mixture of blood types A and B- people with blood group AB have a rather weak digestive system. They should preferably stick to vegetarian diets avoiding chicken, beef, pork and substituting them with dairy products and seafood. Calming exercises produce best results for this group of people.

So what are you waiting for? Get you own blood group diet and lose weight like you have never imagined!!


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