Women Fitness – An Integrated Approach to Stay Healthy!

Women Fitness – An Integrated Approach to Stay Healthy!

Physical fitness can be closely interpreted or understood by the two primary states or stages: general fitness- a state of being completely fit and healthy and other is specific fitness- a state where the body is perfectly healthy to perform specific tasks or aspects of occupations or sports. In other words physical fitness means the capability and capacity of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and muscles to function properly at optimum efficiency.

Pratyahara, the word means the desire to remove indriyas from the mundane or material objects. It is a stage which teaches an adept, how exercise to control over the tentacles of consciousness called indriyas. It is an effort to overcome the bondage of the five sense organs of the body. In our health, exercise plays a significant role in rehabilitation and prevention of heart disease forms. Exercise has a positive influence on our body and factors that are responsible for heart disease like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

Women fitness includes various components that are specially designed for women to stay healthy. Women particularly have to be very cautious about their health and hygiene. The urgent need is to be completely aware of the factors that affect our health. For instance, anxiety is an emotion that everyone experiences in day to day life. This feeling is very distressing as it causes uneasiness and apprehension. When we are being anxious, it affects our thinking, behavior, and bodily functions.

Women Fitness programme is an integrated programme defining practical and personal approach to gain fitness or stay healthy. It will teach you the right way to follow and implement the five components needed for health and fitness. They are weight management, strength training, optimum nutrition, cardiovascular training, and flexibility training.

Now there are several ways by which women can keep themselves physically fit and healthy. Yoga is the best way to exercise fitness. In the literal sense yoga means union with the SUPREME. It is a kind of exercise based on the strong belief that breath and the body are integrated and intimately connected with the soul and the mind. Yoga creates harmony by balancing the breath and the body through some asanas or steady poses.

Simple healing herbs can help women to stay fit, if being added in daily meals or foods. The herbs actually prove to be an inexpensive and effective part of the health care. Ayurveda also advised the timely use of these herbs in the different kinds of foods to keep the body healthy. Another important way to stay healthy is to keep a regular check on the problem of weight. By having proper exercise and diet, the unwanted obtained fat can be reduced. The only way is the good exercise techniques and proper diet. 

Everyone intends to be strong and fit. Especially it has become really difficult for a woman to care about her health in the real terms while carrying out daily activities. 

There are numerous reasons that state why women should have strength training sessions. It is really required for women to perform these sessions in this stressed out world for their healthy survival. The exercises in this programme is designed to work at chest, shoulder , triceps, back , legs and  abdominal muscles to balance the body meanwhile giving it a proper shape. But before performing any exercise always warm up the body. Also, make sure that you wear a weight lifting and ensure the presence of a spotter while performing an exercise in the right way to achieve the best results. So by paying good attention on your diet and exercise women can actually help themselves to stay perfectly fit in these harder times.


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