Sure-Shot Remedies To Cure Urine Infection That Makes You Try Out


Are you amongst who cry their heart out with burning sensation those make your everyday difficult?

Yes, I know how tough it becomes to find instant relive from urine infection. As one of the most common type of infection, it affects the kidneys, urinary tract and bladder.

The reason to the occurrence can be many a fluctuation in lifestyle, poor hygiene and a lot more. As a frequent sufferer myself I was ready to do anything to avoid this painful time.

After I spoke to a lot of people and researched a bit. I found 5 incredible ingredients which make the perfect medicine to cure urine infection in any situation.

Cranberry Juice

cranberry juice

You might be aware of the juice being used to flavor drinks like vodka etc. But to our surprise it is one of the most effective remedies to cure urine infection. The acidic substances of the juice do not let the bacterium accumulate on the urethra causing infection. It is the best medicine for those who frequently have urine infections. Remember not to have it in excess as for some it can cause stomach ache.


Celery Seeds

celery seeds

These are one of the most effective ways to cure urine infection quickly. As an option, you can even drink parsley water with the seeds for a more effective cure. After your meal have a handful of these to increase the amount of urination to wash off bacteria from the bladder.

Vitamin C

vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of an essential need of our body. Since it gets tough to be in the sun and absorb a substantial amount, we need to include its intake in our diet. As an antibiotic, it works well to wash off urine infection. It cures recurring UTI problems. It pushes away particles those cause the burning sensation and add to the infection.

Drink lots of Water

drinking water is must everyday

Water is the mother remedy to most of the problems. The same is the case with a urine infection. We need to maintain a level of water in our body. Drinking water throughout the day will keep your bladder off sedimentation of bacteria. Try consuming hot or lukewarm water that will give better results. To subside the burning sensation, you can place hot water bag on the lower abdomen.

Hygiene Habits

hygiene habits

Mentioning this point, at last, does not mean it is least essential. It is to leave the most drilling impact on your brain. Your hygiene maintenance is majorly responsible for a urine infection. Learn to keep your private parts clean and use hygienic toilets.


Eating healthy and fresh food is important.

Just include these great ingredients into your kitchen. To stop the horror of UTI haunting you.
Stay clean stay fit stay happy!






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