Hazardous Effects Of Smoking


Through out the world there are numerous people addicted to cigarette smoking. There are several reasons behind smoking as some people start smoking in their teen age for the sake of thrill and enjoyment. Some people smoke to get relief from stress. It is mostly seen people with low esteem are more addicted to smoking. Smoking cause several serious and fatal diseases.

Cancer: Cancer risk is higher in smokers. Due to carcinogen present in tobacco it causes lungs cancer, mouth, and throat and gullet cancer. According to the scientific reports 90% of lung cancer is caused because of smoking. Smoking can also cause other types of cancers including bladder, kidney, pancreatic and esophagus cancer. Cervical cancer mostly effects female smoker.

Cardiovascular disease: Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of death because of smoking. Tobacco consists of Nicotine which causes high cholesterol level in blood. And the hardening of arteries id due to deposition of fats and cholesterol that causes cardiovascular disease such as heart stroke, thrombosis, and cerebral thrombosis and so on.

Other problems caused by smoking

Smoking damages the lining of blood vessels and affects the fat level in the blood stream causing risk of atheroma.
It affects your oral health and can stain your teeth and gums. It can cause gums and teeth problems like swollen gums.
It increases the rate of mouth ulcer.
Several sexual problems are also caused due to smoking.

Smoking adversely affects your health and even people in contact of passive smoking are affected. So to prevent health problems it is best to quit smoking.


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