Research: Healthy heart and lung help prevent memory loss in older adults


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A new research says that when your cardiorespiratory system (heart and lung) works well, it improves your memory preventing the Alzheimer disease or memory loss in older people.

This study revealed a relation between Cardio-respiratory fitness (CRF) and memory, saying that healthy Heart and lung influence long-term memory. However, the exact reason of this relation is still not clear.

In this study, they selected 33 young adults between the age group of 18-31 years and 27 older adults between the age group of 55-82 years. They were asked to complete a testing exercise and neuropsychological test to evaluate their cardio-respiratory fitness and memory level, respectively.

After completing these test, they found that the adults with higher cardio-respiratory fitness performed equally effective as the younger participants. However memory wise, younger participants performed better.

One more outcome of the study showed that, the older with CRF fit people performed better than the low fit older adults. So this outcome proves that a better CRF system is directly related to the superior memory.

According to the lead of the study, Scott Haynes, assistant professor of psychiatry at Boston varsity, it is possible to avoid age-related memory loss by keeping your cardiac and respiratory system fit. Adding to this point, he also suggested the older adults to adopt some physical exercise like dancing, yoga, walking to keep their lung and cardiac system fit as well as to prevent memory loss.

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