Is Frenemies The New Poison Causing Mental And Emotional Stress


friendship a life time possesion
For us, friendship is the dearest possession. Without any norms or condition. This bond develops and making you buddy partners for an eternal time.

It is on of the pious relationship one can ever have. From toddlers till the wrinkled aged, each one of us shares this bond with someone in our lives.

Amongst the crazy times of fun, laughter and enjoyment. It is heart burning to see some turn into something that you had never imagined or expected them to be.

Such things convert these positive bonds to toxic friendships. When this negativity is accompanied by a lot of factors it gives rise to the term “Frenemies”

To put it in simple words. Frenemy is a term used for people who are friends and yet their activities are close to what a rivals or enemy would do.

This kind of behavior has been prevailing amongst us from a long time. The competitive environment, lack of opportunities and inequality. They have been the biggest contributor in fuming such terms in the society.

Our mind is a delicate clay towards certain ties in life. If these ties start to imprint negativity. The mind automatically comes under stress and breaks down emotionally.

Frenemies are the ones who carry two masks. One that depicts their friendly side that is fake. The other shows the weed of destruction in their head.

Here are five reasons those prove frenemies is a deadly poison. They prove that it can disrupt your Mental state to a great extent.

1. Complexity

complexitiy can ruin greatest of friendshipsImage Source: primetimewithcaroline

People suffering from such an emotional imbalance are victims of complexity. Due to many misunderstanding or may be low self-esteem. The person is liable to develop such a negative emotion. In this feeling your friend feels offended in your presence. It can be due to your appearance or your popularity. The reason can be any. The crux is that the person feels low with you being around.

It can cause great tension between the two of you. As you might find this rude behavior unusual. It can make you think deep and add worry to your mental calmness to know the reason behind it.

2. Swaying Authority

swaying authority in friendship is one reason of frenemiesImage source:themakingofraven

In a group of friends, we have a mix of individuals. Each with a unique quality and characteristics. Some or any one of them possesses the leverage of having an authoritativeness amongst all. For good this leadership quality can help you in long-run. But, if it points towards a negative approach then it can create a lot of problems.

A frenemy will surely have a problem with her authority getting swayed. Your presence or wittiness can make her feel left out or losing her reign. even if the scene is not like this at all. She might find it offensive to see people praising you than her.

It is a sort of attention seeking disorder that can take a bad shape in future. In worst of cases, this can make the person try some ill activities to harm you or put your demeanor down.

The police have a good percentage of crime cases those  have been a result of frenemies nature.

Such unknown acts of plots, deceit and cheating can really toss your life. It can hamper many relationships even leading to divorce, murder and robbery.

Note- The biggest trait of frenemies is they will never accept their mistake.  The sugar coated portray in front of others can really make you question your true-self. Their pleasure lies in seeing you hurt, failed, left out or in worst of cases off their vicinity. They stoop down to levels where their basic aim is to ruin your entire life.

3. Revenge Feeling

revenge by frenemies is a dangerous actImage Source:seejeprun.wordpress

The feeling of revenge has really eaten up a lot of relationships and people. The extent of crossing all the limits to please your ego turns people into criminals.

The feeling of revenge generates when you do not have a control over your extreme sides. For Example- patience, anger, understanding, ego and acceptance. Your anger overshadows your mind and does not let you see the other side of the situation. It fills your head with the feeling of revenge that extends to any level.

Between friends, it is a common issue. But, when it takes an ugly shape it ruins everything like a tornado.

A friend carrying such a feeling will leave no chance from taking a revenge. She will do everything possible to spoil your life and even take away your happiness.

Such acts disturb both of them and degrade the trust in a relationship. The mental trauma and the humiliation can push the person into an acute depression state.

4. Jealousy

jealousy in friendship leads to negative activites

We are individuals with something or the other that makes us unique. Some of us are blessed with a little more than others and some of us earn to become the blessed. In this race of competition and perfection in our society. Jealousy has become a common factor.

For those who cannot make efforts to improve their condition. If they have had constant failures they develop such feelings. This negative feeling gives rise to emotional imbalance.

Such behavior can lead to isolation, misunderstanding amongst other friends. It can stain your reputation at workplace too.

Such kind of people can rise anywhere in your premises. It is even more sad to know if  it is your BFF who has been singing about your friendship all these years.

To filter, such people from your life follow these steps and try to be yourself with whatever you have.

– Study your Surroundings

Make sure you are alert about the company you spend time with. Even if you have many groups of friends. Ensure your surrounding to be clean and plotting free.

study your surrounding friends

Iamge Source:bounceoffblog.wordpress

– Do not Ignore your Conscious

Always listen to your heart. If your inner instinct is sending, alert signals do not ignore. Try to figure out what is it that is making them signal you. Dig to the route cause and deal with it as soon as possible to avoid further stress.

– Bold Changes for Good

leave shallow friendships for goodImage Source:dianegottsman

If you feel you need to change certain patterns in your life to avoid such frenemies then go for them. Save yourself from further destruction and stabs. It might be difficult and you may not be at fault at all. Remember a certain change can save a lot of things for you.

The Australian statistics state that 6% deaths were a cause of  intentional leaving out of people from specific activities or circles amongst friends.

Amongst them, teenagers are in the greatest number.

-Face It- Talk Directly

gather strength to talk it out with your friend about her behaviourImage Source:dailymail

When you feel the situation is going out of hand and you are sure about the ill behavior of your friend then talk it out. Without any hesitation just go ahead and face her. Clearing every detail where you thought something went wrong.

This is one of the best ways to reduce misconceptions and misunderstandings.

There can be a situation that she denies everything and cooks up stories. In such a state, keep your senses and instinct open. Consult a neutral third person. Who can prove the authenticity of the whole scene and present a clearer picture?

– Take the Decision

Be confident of walking off from mean friendships

Image Source:bassem1974.deviantart

After this solid discussion, you might need to ponder whether to stick around or not. Make sure the decision you take is good for you. If you think giving her a chance to improve can bring a lot of changes then stick around. But, if you feel she is always going to be like this and multiply her negative deeds. It is better to walk off such fake union.

Work on your self and do not let such viruses affect you to turn into a person like this. Do not feel sad about the parting as it is a good decision for the betterment of both.

It is a way to end toxic friendships those could turn into something poisonous.

Be polite and normal, If by chance you crossover each others way. As there is no need to carry bitterness for something that is no more there.
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