30 Amazing Health Hacks You Would Want To Follow From Today


Yes, we all want to be healthy!

Yes, we all want to wake up and to do a mean workout and have the super hot bod for our Instagram pictures.

Yes, we all want to eat clean and disciplined!
Right !?

But if you are anything like me who gets overwhelmed by complicated diets, beast workout routines then this is where you can start to make fitness and health a part of your life.

To keep our body in good health is a duty, otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear

– Buddha


Sleep Tight and Take it Seriously

1. Minimum 6 hours of sleep is what your body asks for and the key to facing lesser health issues.
2. If you are a morning exerciser then a good night’s sleep ensures a higher energy level during work out.
3. Sprinkle lavender essential oil on your pillow. It will do two things, your pillow will smell heavenly and it will nudge you into a relaxed state of mind. A win-win, if you ask me.
4. Wake up – early morning!! You have heard of this advice ever since your memory allows, haven’t you? Fresh morning breeze can work wonders for your health.
5. Stay away from reaching out for your phone and dreaded Social Media, if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night. This completely kills any chances you may have, of falling back to sleep again.

Exercise!! And not just to lose weight

6. There’s no one I know who hasn’t made exercising everyday their New Year’s Resolution. According to studies, starting a workout in winter months are more likely to fizzle out because of chilling temperatures and much available rich comfort foods.
7. Start exercise slowly but gradually. Morning walks with your neighbourhood buddy can be a fun way to start.
8. Schedule your workouts and make it a habit. Set a time of the day and stick to it. Even if you are living a “busy people” life.
9. Don’t put pressure on yourself to join a gym from Day 1. Take baby steps towards fitness
10. Workout in a group or with your partner. It will keep you incredibly motivated

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Sit back and Posture

11. Maintaining a proper posture gives you a stronger and healthier spine.
12. It makes you look more confident and smart. Notice there’s something about the way successful people walk? It’s their posture that makes you think that they have all their ducks in a row.
13. Studies show that sitting up straight helps us breathe better and increases breathing volume.
14. Having a good posture improves blood circulation in effect makes you avoid health issues.
15. A correct posture helps muscles work efficiently and ceases fatigue.

Eat, Pray and Listen

16. Listen to your body when making food choices. She knows what she is doing!
17. Start your exercise routine first follow dieting later. One step at a time is the key.
18. Toss all the junk food out. No rocket science here, right!?
19. Be aware of boredom eating, as it is hazardous for your health goals.
20. Battle to fight a midnight binge, is way too real!! However, keep strong and don’t give in.

Grave Shopping Habits

21. Plan your meals before going grocery shopping. Studies on health and nutrition show that you are more likely to cook a healthy recipe if your fridge is stocked with fresh produce.
22. Every month before buying groceries, go to the ATM and take out a fixed amount. It will stop you from buying food items that are absolutely essential to your meal plan.
23. Always and I mean ALWAYS read ingredients and nutrition facts before putting a food item in your shopping cart.
24. Always buy seasonal and local. Your body will thank you for it.
25. DROP ONE PICK ONE. It can be really daunting to change your entire diet in one go. So DROP ONE food item (yes, I am talking about that pack of cookies) and PICK ONE (that one regional fruit from your local farmer).

Mental health, No Kidding!

26. Take some quality time out for yourself and your mental health. It’s important. It’s crucial.
27. If your mind is too noisy for meditation then keep your anxiety in check by listening to calming music.
28. Burn aromatherapy oils to calm yourself in a stressful situation. House smells like a beach vacation, Is just a bonus!
29. You haven’t known true love if you haven’t had a pet. Studies conducted by Psychologist Alan Beck of Purdue University and Psychiatrist Aaron Katcher of the University of Pennsylvania, prove that owning a pet has positive effects on mental health. So, Let them wag their way into your heart. If you don’t have a pet then visit an animal shelter.
30. Check your food mood connection. Good nutrition is as important to mental health as it is to physical health.

Go on! Choose you !! you won’t regret it.

Let us know in the comments which hack are going to follow from today.

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