Extolling The Virtues Of The Acai Berry

acai berry

The latest hot product on the lips of every health and nutrition-conscious person you’ll meet in your local health food store is the Acai berry, (pronunciation: ah-sigh-ee).  This invaluable source of nutrition grows in the beautiful Amazon rainforests and is a small purple fruit, similar in appearance to a purple marble or grape that is borne by the Acai palm.

A hundred years ago, this almost magical health elixir was a relatively unknown commodity and to get it you’d have had to don your Indiana Jones persona and take a perilous journey through dense jungle.  After traversing Piranha infested waters and surviving (or not) close encounters with snakes as long as you are tall, giant vampire spiders and a bartering encounter with a small band of head shrinking tribesmen which have now left you without your magic compass, you might have made it home with a handful or two of this amazing fruit…..if it didn’t first spoil in the tropical heat!

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Thanks to the wonders of world trade and modern technological advancements in bartering with said head shrinking tribesmen (who are at this minute likely listening to Rob Zombie on their iPods) you can now conveniently purchase this fruit in your local health store and enjoy the benefits of acai berry.

Okay, so you’ve fought your way through the mall and made your first triumphant steps towards this amazing product.  Which one do you choose?  This will depend on your individual requirements.  It’s unlikely that you will find the fruit in its fresh, raw form.  Upon picking it must be carefully handled. You can consume the fruit and its nutrition through powder, capsule, juice, or even a delicious acai berry bowl.

The acai berry is 90% seed pit and only 10% pulp, the common practice being to place the fruit together with water into a device that agitates the mixture, which separates the pulp from the seed.

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The juice produced is a wealth of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and trace minerals and is also available in powder and tablet form.  This amazingly flavourful little berry has the reported benefits of giving added vitality and energy, improves sleep quality, and aids in rapid weight loss and injury recovery.  Acai berry benefits are almost endless, so don’t delay and include the Acai berry in your diet today!


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