The Benefits Of The Acai Berry

acai benefit

The acai benefit has been a prized secret of the Amazonian natives of the Brazilian rain forests for centuries.

The health benefits of this innocuous-looking berry are quite astounding! Its most highly extolled virtue is rapid and effective weight loss. The other benefits of the acai berry include improved injury recovery time, more vitality, higher energy levels, and more restful sleep.

Acai contains plant sterols, which prevent cholesterol from being absorbed by your body.

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Combining a flavour burst of berries and chocolate, it can be taken in several ways.  Marketed as a juice, a powdered supplement, or a capsule, the options are endless.  A great way to start the day is to mix up a banana and acai berry juice smoothie, with some strawberries and a dash of yogurt.  You are only limited by your imagination!  Why not try some muesli with a mix of acai berry puree, blueberries, pineapple, and yogurt? Sounds delicious, right? The acai bowls benefits are many.

acai benefitThis amazing little berry contains a wealth of ingredients including,

  • proteins,
  • amino acids,
  • vitamins,
  • nutrients,
  • essential fatty acids, and
  • trace minerals.

The health benefits of acai are simply astounding, with users reporting dramatic weight loss and improvements in their general overall sense of well-being.

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It was a hard-to-find commodity in days gone by because the parent plant, the Acai Palm, only grows in the Brazilian Amazon rainforests. Today, however, it is very easy to purchase this product either at your local health food store or from an online store with a few clicks of your mouse, sitting in front of your computer in the comfort of your own home.

The acai berry is a product of the Acai Palm and is usually macerated together with water to separate the seed pit, which makes up 90% of the fruit, from its pulp.

The acai benefit includes clearing the body of toxins, helping to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, aiding in faster and more effective nutrient absorption, and is a completely natural weight loss aid with no negative side effects that are usually the result of chemical weight loss aids. So, with such amazing health benefits with none of the negative side effects experienced with other supplements and weight loss aids, what are you waiting for?  Become healthy today, the Acai Berry Way!

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