10 Foods to Help You Have Super Shiny Hair


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These days having a shiny hair is a real big challenge. Our modern lifestyle, busy schedules and excessive pollution and dryness of the weather often takes away the required shine from the hair. For those who do not have much volume to their hair it is the cut and shine of the hair that makes an impact and when that is affected it can be sincerely distressing. Earlier we have shared ways to have healthy hair and now we locate you those ten foods that can be really bring that shine back.

  1. Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins A and C which help the body to produce maximum amount of shine inducing oils for the hair. Moreover it has high doses of iron and selanium to strengthen hair.
  2. Non–vegetarian foods like eggs specially and others like chicken, fish, pork are great sources of protein, zinc, selanium, iron and sulphur. Iron helps to prevent anemia which also affects the shine of the hair. It is important because oxygen is carried to the hair follicles by iron.
  3. Oysters are rich in zinc and protein, the two most essential items for hair growth and shine. More than 90% of the hair is about protein and the shine of the hair and even the extent of hairfall depends on protein and zinc.
  4. Lentils are rich in protein, iron, zinc and biotin which are essential for the gorwth of the hair and shine. The best way to have them is through salds or soups.
  5. Milk has both protein and calcium to strengthen hair. Hence many shine enhancing shampoos have milk as an ingredient.
  6. Yoghurts are rich in protein and specially Vitamin B5 and Vitamin D. These vitamins are often found in Hair products. The best way is to go for greek yoghurt.
  7. The shine of the hair can also depend on the proper circulation of blood through the blood vessels of the scalp. The Vitamin C found in blueberries help in this. Other fruits like kiwi, strawberries, and tomatoes have the same advantage.
  8. Sweet Potatoes help to produce oils in the scalp and they are rich in antioxidant beta carotene. They also help to get rid of dandruff problems.
  9. Brazil nuts: rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.
  10. Flaxseed: Rich In Protein.

Secrets to a shiny hair are infact plenty. So if you know some of them do share it in our blog. Remember it is always better and economic to fight hair problems through proper diet.

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