Existential Crisis A Lesser Known Type Of Depression


my life and the attached threads

Thinking about life and the mere essence of our birth is nothing wrong! But when this thought and related questions are not answered, they start to bother you. It ruins your peace of mind and injects dissatisfaction causing uneasiness. This leads to depression and even agony leading to other mental illness. A stroke of this crisis is an alarm to hold yourself before it is too late.

Our life today is full of stress, high expectations, isolation and even tiredness. From the race of running to find oneself. This crisis is powerful and creeps in uninvited. It makes the entire world and our surrounding dull for us. This low feeling makes you ignore the brighter side of life. They make you toss your world by your own deeds, as a result of negatively conceived notions in the head.


Here are some points that you should keep in mind. To be happy and find yourself cherish the life and its beauty as a blessing of The Almighty.

1. You always need your loved one close do not push them away!

In this quest to search for existence and the relevance of being, do not leave behind your loved ones. They will help you walk the toughest path, supporting and helping you. They will help you reach your destination with no condition.

2. The other aspect of problem ignored because of what you think!

Half the time in this agony, the person tends to think only from his or her perspective. He or she ignores the other side or the deeper meaning and the reason of the problem. Instead, try talking it out and discussing with the right person. Try to understand the other side of the point and the focus you are deviating from to resolve this misery.

You should not just peep into what you feel. You should try seeing every angle and then extract conclusion.

look beyond the negativites of life

3. Let it go! Know the right time to hold and release!

In this state, one has to understand and tell themselves not to hold talks or thought that makes them weak. Over thinking or pondering often disturbs the mental stability. You should know the right time to let it go and even not let it reoccur. Avoiding unnecessary congestion in the head! Always sleep thinking of happy things in life to please yourself.

Throw depressing thoughts away

4. Drugs

For some non-drug treatment works wonder and in some severe cases, you need drugs to calm. It is then the internal war in the head will simmer down that causes stress and over illness

This crisis and its cure are easy and the patient can get back to their normal life. This problem can last for a long time and even cure within a short span. So, one should try their level best to get out of the feeling as soon as possible.


You can even try Vipassana meditation. It helps to calm the non-stop knocking of questions in the head and improve the condition.

If you have any friends or family member suffering from this crisis, you can study these points. There are remedies to help them overcome this state!

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