Cancer Symptoms: Tricks And Tips To Identify Them


Cancer is a chronic disease that usually shows few common signs and symptoms. However, to ensure that you do not become easy prey to this disease, you need to stay alert and find out the roots and causes of this disease. Although there are no specific signs pointing towards the occurrence of this disease, there are certain symptoms, that, when discovered should be immediately followed and tested by medical examination. In order to ensure that the complaint is a harmless one, you should get it tested.

Following are some most commonly registered signs and symptoms of cancer:

* Frequent headache
* Irregular eating and loss of feeling to eat, reduced appetite, and sudden weight loss are also common symptoms associated with cancer.
* Sudden loss of memory
* Inability to remember things and events
* Persistent cough affecting your lungs, head, and chest. Though this could also be a symptom of a much-controlled condition called bronchitis, it is better to get it examined and tested to ensure that there is no blood clot or clogging in your mucus area
* Blood in your urine as well as stool. This can happen due to regular anemic conditions as well as due to insufficient reproduction of red blood cells or due to a lesser number of the same.
* Anaemia should be tested with x-ray and endoscopies in order to find out the main cause of blood loss. Sometimes blood loss is quite normal, as in the case of women undergoing their menstrual cycles
* Lump formation in the breast area: this is the most common cause of cancer these days. Many women notice or see the formation of a lump or a bulk in their breast area. This should be immediately examined. Many times these breast lumps are quite normal and non–cancerous. However, it is better to get them examined in order to avoid further complications. Breast discharge is another cause of concern.

Breast discharge especially through one single nipple should not be ignored and should be immediately brought to the notice of the doctor or health specialist. Women should also conduct self-test and examinations with their breasts in order to check any activity or lump formation.

As females see the formation of lumps in their breasts, males might see lumps formation in their testicles. Male should also undertake testicles self-examination tests to avoid any damage to their health. Swelling in the veins running through your testicles or an uncomfortable lump should be examined.

Irregular urine patterns and blood signs or drops seen in urine might signal an incidence of cancer. Irregular urine patterns include smaller amounts of urine and frequent urine urge. You should get the PSA test done for the same. Similarly, blood in urine might signal bladder cancer. An investigation is compulsory.

Wounds and sores that take quite long to heal and show no signs of improvement might signal the presence of cancer cells in your body. Hence, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Swelling in your back or a specific bone area, backache and similar problems might signal towards the presence of bone cancer. To remove all your doubts, you should get x-rays done.


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