New Shelter For Rural In SA To Cure Mental Health: A Contribution To The Mental Health Week!



This mental health week Australia is all geared up to hold hands with each other to ask. Whether you are OK or not! At Berri, Whyalla and Mount Gambier the country health in South Australia has decided to take care of the rural patients and assist to their mental problems.

Various units are set up each with six beds. Nicole Jones expressed how mental illness has affected people round the continent. With the week addressed as mental health week people are looking forward to spread awareness.

This event will make people open up and share their mental state to ease out . They can take help to get over mental instability concerns.

The cities have various events taking place to reduce the spread of any kind of mental illness.

The events are of various types. For example- In Kadina, Berri and Loxton are holding a community walk. Peterborough, Burra, Crystal Brook are organizing art sessions.

The celebration week lasts till October 10!

Bring the change in your society by joining the league or organizing events. Help each other overcome mental illness in the years to come!

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